A new #cythera?

  • Ambrosia upgrades its irc server

    As those of you may be aware, Ambrosia has upgraded its IRC server to one which supports Services such as NickServ and ChanServ. As a result, Ambrosia has decided to make #Cythera into an official channel, which is registered exclusively to ASW.

    At present, the transition is not complete, so channel registration is not working. Andrew also hasn't posted details of how official channels are to be administered - so I admit that anything I say here is preliminary speculation at best. However, I pose this question: should we keep using #cythera?

    My thought is that the #cythera we used was a sideline, hidden channel used pretty exclusively by community members. To that extent, #cythera may no longer be appropriate - it'll be a public, official channel. On the other hand, it may be that not many people other than community members will show up to #cythera anyway; provided the administrative details are satisfactory, we could continue using it.

    My apologies, I haven't actually made any statements. However, I think it's useful musing - and while you're checking out the new #Cythera, be sure to register with NickServ ("/msg NickServ help register" for more info).

  • At this time, registering to be a channel op with ChanServ is disabled, so there still is a use for the op bots we have been using.

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