Cythera Religion

  • In Cythera there isn't any mention of Gods but does anyone think that the Cytherians would have worshipped the Elementals like the Seledane or Ignae or any of them. In real life the Egyptians used to worship anything that moved and some things that didn't. Ignae could have been the God of fire, the Seledane could have been the God(s) of the Earth like Gia (cant remember how its spelled). Every tribe of people on Earth worships a God or Gods, should Cythera be any different. Would the people of Cythera have worshipped the Elementals for being superiour beings?

  • According to Alaric the Cytherians worshiped Mater Theia the 'Earth Mother' before another god, Enasedaone , 'reclaimed' their homeland (but not before they were warned by a "Holy Bull". Alaric also says that, sadly, he is the closest thing his people have to a diety left.

    And that concludes today's lesson.

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  • For the most part, the Cytherans seem to be unaware of the Elementals, and are more likely to mistake them for ghosts than gods.

    On the other hand there does seem to be a sect of Undine worshipers. Alaric is unaware of this due to their use of kesh, and thus thinks that he alone comes close to being considered a diety by the Cytherans.

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