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  • As most of you may have noticed, there are two gold rings, one is at the disapearing stronghold which is owned by the litch. The other one strangly enough owned by a stone merchant in Kosha who has it in his draw. The giving on rings usually happens in a marrage arrangment, the giving of identical rings was a symbol of being equal. As most people in Cythera who aren't either too old, too young or mentally deranged, they are married. My theory to this is that they were once married but then she changed and became pure evil eventually making her immortal, she casted a curse on her husband that he would never die from natural causes. This also explains why when you leave the room at about noon he is able to disapear, he is using magic because over the many years he has become quite skilled, then if you leave again he comes back in his chair, he doesn't want people to know who he is. Neither of them can cope with the other because of their differences so they try to forget their marrage.

    I am psycho or does this theory explain a lot of unanswered questions.

  • Okay, I know, people are making a big thing out of gay marriage, but you don't have to bring this to Cythera. It's a game! An old one, at that.

    Half Truth, on Jun 28 2005, 03:38 AM, said:

    I am psycho or does this theory explain a lot of unanswered questions.
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    The only question you need to ask yourself is if you have feelings towards... Nevermind. I got ya.

  • You are confusing me, I never said that the litch was a guy, in said that it was a women who was grabbed by the forces of pure evil.

  • Ahem

    The thing about the rings is that we don't know their true purpose. " 742 Will to Union " would appear to be a date and a marrige. However if the 742 is a date it would be placed between the fall of the Tyrants in 216 and the present Cytherian day in 918. The Gemsmith in Kosha blushes when you mention "Ring" or "742" as if slightly flattered. The significance of 742 is a mystery---and likely shall remain so as Andreas is not as...helpfull...when it comes to speculation than someone else I know.

    That is enough for now...

  • I've just assumed that they were Guild rings of some sort, perhaps -Cult of Scylla- rings! I never did trust that jeweler... He's pleased to be a member of the cult, so he smiles. Then he remembers that it's secret, and blushes because he nearly let it slip that he belongs to the cult.

    Union and Undine look fairly similar, it's a pun that the "in" people understand, but the "out" people think that it's just a guild membership token!

    How's THAT theory? :D

  • I had this application called "Elvis Decoder Ring" once. It was cool. I have no clue what it did, but it probably used a super secret AES algorithm or something.
    What we need is some sort of... "Cythera Decoder Ring." That way we could decode all these letters and numbers and stuff.

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