Should I keep Atheon???

  • I got atheon to join my party using some suggestions here, and I joined the guild(you must have at least 50 oboloi to join), I trained in a few handy skills, but I am not sure if I should keep atheon in my party. Yes, he can help fight, but I am already strong enough to do it with who I have, and I have beaten all of the hard spots. So, I guess I was wondering if anyone has found out if he is worth anything. Yes, he teaches missiles, but I don't want it. But, is he needed to talk with any specific people???? (besides joining the guild?)

  • You could use him to store stuff.

  • True, True!!! :)

    Speaking of people in my party, has anyone wondered why there are 8 spaces for party members at the bottom of the screen?? I have had meleager, hector, timon with me forever. I got The little boy drias for awhile, and now aethon. It seems to me that there could be a point where all of them will be filled. Right now I have three spaces left. Has anyone had anyone else besides these willing to join?????

  • There is also the princess person you have to rescue

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