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  • The OoC topic for ideas to the live TS

    Since we havent had one of these before (at least in those stories I joined), I think this would be a perfect topic to have here. In this topic we will discuss what we are thinking/planning/trying to implement in the current TS.

    Because this story is a joint effort, with each of us able to create another link in the chain, making the story a bit different than what you would do in a chronicle. The story has to be left open enough for the next person to pick up, either in battle or in idleness. What one can do is fill it with an activity (i.e. fishing, fighting, going to the fair) or put a small little continuation tale in there to mix it up a bit (sidequest). To mix it up, everyone should participate, with the story and the discussion on the story. What better to add to the story when everyone knows enough to be able to all add in a few steps here and there.

    The single best way to get this dialogue going is IRC. Sorry, this webboard, no matter how great it can get, will never be as quick and easy as IRC is. If you can hop on IRC at any point, on our channel #cythera on the ASW servers, you will most likely find Tyrael, Selax, or even myself occupying the room, mostly wasting space. But if you start up a chat, you will get someone else talkin, which helps the ball get rolling.

    Even though this board doesnt do as well as IRC does, it does have something to it that IRC can never achieve. Depth. I can explain things to others much more clearly than the quickness IRC can provide, but I wont be able to discuss how things are going to go as well, as ideas will be firing off so quick, the board mods here wouldnt appreciate our posts containing a sentence and then ending.

    So, we can chat slowly here, and put our ideas forth for judging (another thing IRC cant do, seeing as the discussions go so quick - or nadia boots you for flooding :mad: ) as either realistic or far flung. A place to get organized before posting.

    A place for ideas.

    Welcome to OoC.

  • Ok, so the intro is done, right?


    Out of Character. This is meant to be a quick relay to others as to something, or a discrepency in the story that needs hammered out.

    Doncha hate posts that are just an OoC, when you really want to read another part of the story?

    This is something I thought of when I posted to the story today.

    My all in all thoughts on the wraith are it is quite durable and hard to kill. Even when is on the ropes, its ability to escape is quite phenominal. This is mainly because it is a lot of magical energies protecting and sealing it. It had a large magic potential, and are quite formidable in a more open space. Magic is quite useful against it, a bit moreso than weapons. Regardless, it will take several shots to get it down, and a few more for them to stay down.

    As for their attacks, think of your general dark spells. Possession is an ability that it has, but only of lesser species. If several wraiths at once tried, it would be quite possible for a possession of a human to take place, but its not known weather another would need to be there to actually possess the body.

    Sneak - A variant of a cloak spell. This one in specific allow the wraith to move around undetectable by sight, sound, and scent. If they are caught while in this state (looking directly at them does this), this spell instantly ends, and becomes unusable until the wraith is out of sight again.

    Twisted Magic - Contorts the enemy from inside, causing them to flex and bend. The more power the wraith has over his enemy, the more dire this spell can be. If met by equal powered enemies, this is quite effective in diverting an attack by making the arm twist another direction. If the wraith is much more powerful than his enemy, this spell is quickly fatal to its opposition.

    Dark Air/ Poison Air - turns the sky dark or releases a poisonous gas. Though it can release the poison gas, generally a wraith doesnt as it does mean death for them as well. If they do not release the gas before death, it becomes inert.

    Dark Blast - a negative energy blast. These sap its target of strength bit by bit with each shot. Its a quick blast attack, which can take down enemies quick if they arent prepared in battle.

    Dark Spiral - A stunning attack that rips apart enemies. It is like a twister, but jet black and completely controlled by the wraith. If hit by this, it is quite akin to being in an oven and taking multiple amounts of dark blasts over and over again. This attack is so powerful that it saps a wraith of all its strength, so its never used unless two or more wraiths are attacking.

    There are 6 wraiths controlled by Icel. These are quite special to him, as they enchance both his and each other's power in proximity to one another. These 6 are also connected to him, allowing him to view what is going on through their eyes. This also gives them the ability to possess them as well. He can fight using their bodies, which he does when he isnt on the frontlines.

    When fighting a wraith, please remember that there are only 6, and that they are meant to be important figures in the story. Although you can kill them, I would prefer you to kill the beasts they possess and at the most wound them severely, causing them to retreat.

    Also, since there are 6, dont try to start off fights with 2 or more at once unless you back their movements somehow. We cant have 2 in a fight and have three show up after weve already killed off 8 beforehand in other skirmishes.

    Ive had more ideas based off of this as well. The 6 wraiths are special. The fact they are special doesnt make them the only ones around. There can be more made (just not with the special abilities of these wraiths) to help the other side, either through possession or them joining into the ranks of Icel. Also doesnt close off what kind of enemies are all fighting us. Right now, the wraith is prominent, but we do need enemies for this to be a quest of sorts. We need more enemies. I have more ideas for enemies and harder enemies to follow, but ive not put enough thought into frontline enemies.

    I would suggest evil men/undead. In fact, we can start them off as evil men, who then turn into undead after dying in combat. Something twisted like that. It should make it fun.

  • and beasts, beasts will be fun to add for fighting.

    As a blue flag, as you can tell DF in this story is possessed.

    DF is my guy, but since he is the enemy, you have to level deadly force at me. Just please, realize, the reason I did this was to follow a full story arc. When it gets to the point where we are finally battling him, you can fight and beat the hell outta him, but please, DONT kill him. Its counter-productive to the story.


    Other than that, ive got no more thoughts im sharing atm.

    Just trust the talisman.

    Oooh, another idea ;-)

  • Well, I'll probably introduce a small side story with a new villain (really a nemesis for Selax) that will die at the end of the story.

  • now, you say nemesis for your guy, does this mean he will attack only Selax or will he lash at the entire group, allowing respite from those attacked?

  • Selax, if he can, but anyone else, if he can't.

  • Psst...where have we met Martel before?

  • According to a search for Martel he is mentioned in the following topics (excluding this topic, the current TS, and Character Info):
    The Alraeician Tavern - part VII
    The Alraeician Tavern - part VI
    Destruction of Omega 9 (TS)
    Custom Weapon/Item Info
    The Tyrant’s Ring (a TS)
    Some issues to be resolved
    Bane (a Team Story)

  • No wonder, I don't think I was in any of those TSes, but that's probably how he met DF.


  • Hey if you have noticed i have created a charecter naamed Cara in the char info topic.
    as you have been discussing Selax wants somone trying to kill him, may i be the assassin thats tracking him...... just ild rather not let her die.
    and you can all control her becuse i will be very busy these next few weeks. and most likely not be able to post.
    but all in all its your decision.

  • I'd already come up with a character that is trying to kill him. However, if you want your character to try, I can post and have my character hire her to try.

  • I remember him from Tyrant's Ring. I think I trained him during the time of the adventure, as a prelude to my current sidequests and stories of now. I guess after a couple years, it comes back to add another unknown element to the story. Great fun.

  • Harlequins, another idea has occurred to me. It is possible that your character could have some reason for hating Selax and Selax's enemy merely tell her that Selax is back and is in Odemia.

  • It just occurred to me that "OoC" looks like a thinking head.

  • I don't see a thinking head there.

  • I was bored, so here's some random info about posting stats in the new TS:
    Total posts: 32
    Total posters: 8
    Total words: ~17400
    Average words/post: 520

    Name - Words Posted - Posts - Words/Post - % of total words - Words/Paragraph
    Desert Fox 7723 - 3 2574 45.0% 31.8
    Moonshadow 2690 - 3 897 15.7% 37.4
    Avatara 2682 - 5 536 15.6% 40.0
    Selax 1740 - 10 174 10.1% 31.1
    Wizard 1117 - 2 559 6.5% 31.0
    Half Truth 461 - 3 154 2.7% 21.0
    Mr. Somebody 443 - 4 111 2.6% 22.2
    Dark Jet 293 - 3 98 1.7% 22.5

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  • Wow, looks like I am going to have to start posting longer posts now wont I, I don't know why I don't post long posts though.

  • I think a decent length is 300-1000. DF posts a bit too much. ;)

    Of course, this wasn't put up to bash people, I just had some free time and was curious about the technical aspects of people's posting styles.

  • Please bear with the long posts, I know it takes a while to read, and ive included pretty much everyone in my posts.

    This last one it was pretty much by design. I included a bit from everyone in order to solidify who all was in this. Ive a couple ideas to continue the story, but from now on, ill trim down what im doing in order to keep things interesting.

    Ill try to follow the story by my character, and leave the rest to your imaginations :)

  • If anyone is curious, Balthon's story (I won't bother posting him in the Character Info-at the end of the story I'll probably post him in the deceased character thread, if I can) and the "Sons of Air" reference will be explained later. I don't think that Balthon will get killed yet.

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