The First Prophesy of Neleneus the Savant

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    The day of the Tyrants shall be numbered,
    And it shall end with a new order.
    The exiles shall return,
    And with them, a new leader.
    The people shall rejoice,
    And Six of them shall rise.
    When the Voice of a God speaks
    So shall be the first sign.
    That which was Lost shall try to return,
    But now is not the time for that to be.
    The Voice must be destroyed,
    For it speaks not the truth.
    So shall the last act of the Tyrant be,
    Before the Wanderer comes.
    With the guidance of a fool,
    So shall a new Age begin.

    I just happened to reread this, and now I'm curious. Many parts of this prophesy refer to obvious people/events. "The mages shall return, / and with them, Alaric. / The people shall rejoice, / And the six founders (Attis, Atussa, Comana, Dodona, Nicander, and Strymon) shall rise ... Before Alaric comes. / With the guidance of Magpie, / So shall a new Age begin."

    What I can't figure out is who/what the "Voice of a God" and "That which was Lost" are. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Also, if someone has a copy of the Second Prophesy, I'd be interested to read it. I'm pretty sure the third (which I have handy) is set after the events of the game, so the second probably deals with the game itself.

  • Sounds like the demise of 'The Voice', who or whatever that may be, was brought about by the last Tyrant, whose own demise followed soon after. Does anyone remember anything about how that Tyrant died?

  • I had thought the story was supposed to go something like, "Alaric walked in, said the reign of the tyrants was over," and bam, it was. But the prophesy implies something more, and given how accurate the rest of it is, I'd definitely think the Voice section is.

    Hmm, here's a (probably incomplete) listing of events in the area of the Tyrants, mostly from dialogue with Anisa, the historian in Cademia:

    113 - Catamarca founded as a retreat for the First Tyrant
    152 - Mages exiled by First Tyrant
    153 - Pnyx founded
    174 - Catamarcan citadel built by Second Tyrant
    184 - Abydos founded
    192 - Contact lost with Abydos
    216 - Alaric appears, ends rule of Third Tyrant
    219 - Current government established

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  • If I recal, just before Alaric appeared the Tyrant sent his best general to silence the heretical 'cult of scylla' once and for all. The cult was obviously destroyed (with the exception of Tavara, obviously, and possibly the alluded-to inner-brotherhood) and the forces the tyrant sent never returned (in fact, the Sword of Heros, which was sent with the general, can be found on a copse within the Scylla Temple).

    So, obviously, the 'Voice' speaks of the cult (or more acurately, Tvara, and the Undine who manipulated them)

    As for the 'lost' I can only speculate that it refers to the Seldane or maybe jenrai and jhaixus, along with their son bahoudin/magpie. (or, could it be the mysterious 'chimera?' Only Glen knows for shure!)

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