Build your own story (Redux)

  • title quoted from Avatara's old topic

    The rules for this are also from Avatara's topic here.


    Okay, this is how it works: if you want to participate you read the posts before yours, and then add on a sentence. Not a paragraph (though I know some of you are dedicated enough to try ) just a sentence (e)or two(/e). Then, you get to wait for at least three other people to post after you before you get another shot. If you want to pull together a group of four people to post in the story one after another, that's fine, but you have to take turns and let three other people get a chance before you go. We'll (hopefully) see how this story turns out.

    Good luck!

    (Although I might change the rule about three people at some point, if there aren't enough people.)

    The land king Alaric was not having a good day; in fact, his day was going terribly.

  • It all started when he accidentially knocked a candle into his bookshelf of priceless scrolls when reaching for his morning drink.

  • And then his drink spilled onto some more scrolls nearby.

  • Soon the castle was ablaze.


  • Alaric bravely rushed back into his rooms to save what was most important to him—his teddy bear.

  • It was a daring and heroic rescue, one so heroic that bards and minstrels would sing of it for ages to come.

  • The bards and minstrels, unfortunately, were all due to be hanged tomorrow for their crime of insulting the king.

  • 'Never a dull moment' Alaric thought to himself as he was trying to escape the burning blaze.

  • Just as he reached the door, Alaric realized that he had left his priceless Van Gogh inside, so he sent Magpie back into the raging inferno to retrieve it.

  • The teddy bear within an arm's reach of safety, Alaric pulled open the final door to freedom, only to realize he had taken a wrong turn and was looking into the kitchen.

  • Wherin Emesa was cooking the King's next meal, oblivious to the fires beyond her door.

  • At this point Alaric realised that the kitchen was a safe haven from the fire so he went into the kitchen and waited for Magpie.

  • Unfortunately for Alaric, he was handed a letter signed by all the people in Cythera telling him that they had decided to depose him and set up a democracy. Then, Emesa accidentally set the kitchen on fire.

  • With yet another blaze added to the conflagration, Alaric was becoming flabbergasted. So he decided to spew a pastiche of vulgar sentiments at his staff.

  • Emesa did not take too kindly to vulgar sentiments, so she picked up the kettle from the fire and dumped hot water all over his clothes.

  • Screaming in agony, Alaric ran into the storeroom and doused himself with the urn of cold water.

  • Unfortunately for Alaric, the urn also contained several dozen tadpoles and various other pond life.

  • Fortunately for Alaric, one of the tadpoles slithered into his undergarments, causing him to jump around and squirm to try and get it out, knocking over the other urns of cold water and putting out the fire.

  • Alaric didn't know what was going on, 'How could so many things happen in one day' he thought to himself. At this point Magpie had heard Alaric's yelling so he woke him up.

  • "Your majasty! The castle is on fire! Why are you asleep? Nuncle." spake Magpie, gently tapping the soggy yet singed king on the head with his inflated pigs bladder-on-a-stick™.


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