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  • I hate to ask, but I've been stuck for a month in real and game time. I've solved nearly everything, and nothing new is happening. Charax has been working for weeks on that timeflux book, Halos is happily doing his job, Opheltius is still alive, and I'm bored with killing monsters. I think the problem is that I haven't found the krolna in Kosha. I've made my way under Kosha and created some Kesh, but never found the 3rd piece. How about a hint or two?

    Tx, in advance.

  • Use the crolna on the forcefields under Land King Hall. That did wonders for my progress in the game. Also, find out about Stentor from Itanos.

  • Tx, Slayer. I'm way past that, though. I have all the mystic items, I know 'Pelagon' is an Undine, and have completed all but a few of the tasks listed on your page. I have pieces 1, 2, and 4 of the Crolna. I dug in most places in the basement of Kosha, but found nothing. I thought Pelagon might have it, so I tried shakedown and putting him to sleep, but all he has on him is a key (it's mine, now). Where is the lock that the key was made for?

  • Complete the mission to ask Halos about Comana, get Stentor his net, and ask Pelagon about "Dead." That should get things going again.

  • I had already talked with Halos and did the other advice, but it made no difference. It was something else--I had never completed the "Find son of Sabinate" mission. Even though I had found him, I had never literally asked his name (since it was listed under his icon). After I asked his name, the game moved on, and I finished it the next day.

    What an ending! It was fascinating to learn who Alaric really is. Now I understand why he was able to connect to the land as he did.

    Thanks for the help. :-)

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