hints please!

  • newbie seeking words of wisdom

    hey- i'm fairly new at cythera. is there any hints or words of advice u "masters" have to help me get it alittle more?? (this is where u all show off your knowledge and i soak it in) ;)

    any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

  • Are you looking for help in general, or just a specific part?

    I should caution you that a couple of spells (notably Fetch) don't work as intended, so be wary when trying to "fetch" an object you want to reach. Also, save often, for numerous reasons.

  • I don't know really know how to answer the question. If you're asking for just general hints to get your game going smoothly I'd suggest things like:

    1. Talk to everybody you meet about all the available topics, and sometimes you should ask people about things that aren't an obvious topic. People may know more than they tell off-hand.

    2. After leaving Land King Hall for the first time, stick to the trail, and explore a little bit around it.

    3. Always read books. There are books everywhere in the game. Keep an eye out for bookshelves and explore the libraries.

    4. Never use fetch on a city unless you've saved recently.

    5. Don't kill people. There are a lot of people in the land of Cythera, and some of them you feel the urge to shoot with a bolt of lightning, but don't, because despite how unimportant they may seem at the time, they may be necessary later on.

    6. Explore everything. The land, caves, holes, cities, houses, sewers.

    7. There are a lot of puzzles and the like in Cythera so you really just have to try, try, try.

    8. Lastly, if you get absolutely, positively, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, hopelessly stuck, I'd say that you can use Slayer's Guide to Cythera to get more hints to help you out. The site also has spoilers, though. Unfortunately, Mac Classics, the server of Slayer's Guide to Cythera, appears to be down right now, to say the least.

  • thank you kindly. :D

    one thing i would like to know is where the saphire books of knowledge are. I found 4 of them (2 in cademia, 1 in land king hall, and 1 in abydos) no idea where to find the others.

    Also...what is the site html that you mentioned? I'd love to check it out sometime.

    Thanx again!

  • I also would like to know about magpie. He especially interests me...

    I DO know that he has seldane blood in him.
    And that he IS helpful at times... but...

    He DOES seem a bit, well.... suspicious.

    like WHY does he sit on ALARIC'S throne?
    and WHY does he seem to be so closely tied to that guy at kosha? (forget his name and too lazy to look it up.)
    and WHY was he asking for the crolna?

    what does he want?
    and is he trustworthy or not?

  • You don't wanna know anything about that -- I assure you. Keep playing!

    However, he's keeping Alaric's throne warm. After all, he's Alaric's fool -- and he could possibly be considered his assistant as well.

  • ... and why does he have a secret door in his room that leads to a secret passage with a dead ruffian?

  • No he does not -- in the beginning of the game, the wall falls apart and the ruffian dies. He was probably sneaking around back there. Why there's a secret passage there -- well, I don't know.

  • The ruffian was found in the passage.

    That passage goes through the room behind Alaric's lab, and that probably has something to do with it.

    Isn't this worthy of its own topic?

  • probably is. <_<

  • A few random questions. First, has anyone ever found a place to use the fishing rod?

    Second, is there any place to buy an effective poison antidote. I hear the mages make them, but can't find a place to buy them.


  • Actually fishing is not something you can do, nobody (to my knowledge) has been able to fish somewhere.

    Use them ungents for poison, and when you run out you'll have to learn how to make them.

  • I think you should only need three skill points to learn alchemy for yourself - one in casting, one in alchemy, one in mana. Then you can use the alchemy equipment in Pnyx free of charge (though I don't recall what antidote is made from).

  • Spiderwebs? Or is that a different potion?

    At any rate, you have to register to use alchemy.

  • OK, another question.

    In slayer's guide, it says there's treasure in cademia "by the water" it gives a map, but unfortunatly, it is down, and so i am at a loss. Does anyone know what treasure it's talking about, where the note is, and where it's hidden?

    (but if the note gives hints, let me try to figure it out first, if the note just mentions treasure, then by all means feel free to show off all knowledge on the subject.)

  • There are a few good things in that city, the best thing that could be a treasure there would be the fur cloak but there may be something else that is being called a treasure.

  • Quote

    There are a few good things in that city, the best thing that could be a treasure there would be the fur cloak but there may be something else that is being called a treasure.

    I don't about the fur cloak being the best; I think a certain ring is also pretty important.

    I believe there is actually a treasure chest buried in Cademia—somewhere near where Stentor works, I think. Try using the wayback machine (google that if you don't what it is) and see if you can reach Slayer's Guide through there. There might also be a map that tells somewhere in the game.

    By the way, Slayer's Guide is down again? Someone needs to archive it using the wayback machine.

  • the note leading to the treasure is in some fire pit. i think its to the east of the south gate. you nead to search the fire. hope this helps

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