BasiliskII unveils Cythera secrets!

  • ....Possibly, at least.

    I have a question.

    The sign near the entrance to the Underground city (near the river). It does have a lot of strange characters on it, but when you've learned the Seldane language, it has real text on it! At least, in Basilisk. I don't remember if the text was shown in Mac OS. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Yes, this does happen on the mac side. Considering that when you run Basilisk II, you are effectively running a mac. Basilisk doesn't do anything magical to the game. (other than letting it run on x86 chips...)

  • Oh it does run differently on BasiliskII. You can see where rooms end (it gets white instead of black) and the caves are completely black if you're not using a light source (I mean COMPLETELY black. You can't see ANYTHING).

    There are other differences as well, some palettes are glowing, for example. Looks weird on some of the character portraits. Glowing faces, ha ha! :)

  • Okay, allow me to rephrase myself. Basilisk makes no Gameplay changes. All the changes you mention are graphical oddities due to Basilisk's attempt to translate the Mac graphics toolbox (ie. Quickdraw, and others) to something your computer's graphics card understands. Chances are, running basilisk in a different mode (GDI instead of DirectX, and vice versa) may change the way the game is drawn.

  • What I meant with this whole topic was that the text appears in Basilisk. I don't remember the text ever appearing running the game on Mac OS. Due to some kind of bug of course. But it might have been a problem on my Mac, it may show up on other Macs. What I meant is since the way Basilisk renders the graphics in Cythera is buggy, it may just "de-bug" the whole "text" bug on that sign.

  • Seldane, on Sep 20 2005, 09:24 AM, said:

    I have a question.

    ... but when you've learned the Seldane language, it has real text on it! ...
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    wait, someone's learned the seldane language? have you? that seemes rather odd i thought it was a crypctic secret hidden by the the ambrosia staff.

  • Seldane, what ROM are you using to run Basilisk?
    I have been looking for a ROM that I can use but I haven't had any luck.

  • What ROM am I using? I'm using a 1MB Performa 575-578 ROM. It works great and it's Mac OS 8 compatible. Unfortunately, I only have Mac OS 7.6.1.

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