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  • ATTN Wizard and others concerned

    I've been doing some research into the "Junior Member" custom member title that shows up under some posters with low post counts. Apparently, when the boards first switched over and member titles were being worked out, people with a post count of under a small number (I believe it was 20 posts and lower) got the title "Junior Member" to indicate they were new to the boards and haven't been around long. Yet, as many members with small post counts aren't actually new, they just tend to lurk a lot, or go on a long hiatus (as an example, see Kinq, who was a moderator for five years with ~18 posts), this title was later dropped, presumably around when the limit of 1000 posts was set for creating custom member titles.

    So, if you made an account after this change (late 2004), and have <1000 posts, you're simply a "member". If your account was older than that and you had fewer than 20 posts when they removed the Junior Member restriction, you're part of a dying breed, the members who are stuck as Junior Members. Since the "limit of 21 posts to change to a member" forum rule is no longer in effect, the software no longer automatically upgrades Junior Members to normal Members. Thus, if you're a Junior Member, you're unfortunately either stuck as a "Junior Member" until you reach 1000 posts and can change your member title, or if it really bothers you, you can attempt to petition MagnusApollo and beg him to change your member title to "Member".

    Hope this helps answer your question. (publicly posted because I don't think you are the only one that has asked)

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  • Odd stuff. (Great addition to your post, don't you think?)

  • It seems there also used to be other levels, like "satu" and "tiga" corresponding to the number of blue boxes people had on the left. Someone described how this worked on the B&B;, but like the "Junior Member" to "Member" transition, it seems to no longer be in effect.

  • While I appreciate your looking into the matter, I don't know whether to say "Thank you" or "I'm going to go cry now." :)

    Either way, there's only one solution. I guess I'd best get to work on posting. . . a lot.

  • That isn't a good idea, trust me. Unless you want to become annoying. It's not quantity that counts, but quality.

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