• Hypsoner doesn't, so who?

    How do you sell cloth? I mean, who do you sell it to? I can't find anyone right now. Does anybody accept it?

    Also, who do you sell diamonds?

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  • Can't sell or use cloth for anything, its rather useless.

    You can buy and sell gems with the Merchant in Kosha. His shop is right near the entrance.

  • You can buy cloth, you can learn how to make it. I cannot remember but you may also be able to sell it to one of the people in Odemia but my memory is a little rusty there.

  • Well, I never learned how to make cloth, I just stole some , so I didn't waste any training points.

    I am very rich now that I sold some replicated diamonds as well as Atreus's (the merchant) own rubies.

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