• Uhhh.. I'm not sure anyone even remembers me. ^^; However nostalgia grabbed me today and made me drop by this forum, and.. uh, I just thought I'd say hi, and a Happy New Year to you all (even though almost a month has already passed). I'm thinking about reading that TS, but long threads look scary nowadays -- is there even still a chance of joining (in a resonably believable fashion)? How's things generally anyway? ^^ Does #cythera still get used?

  • 'Course I remember you! Welcome! :)

    Don't see why you couldn't join in. I just dragged Wolmark in, and Brianna, the Scribe, Sideline, DF and Avatara are all around the place, somewhere. Any of those could give one or more of your characters an entrance.

  • Hmm, now that you mention it . . . I think I do I recall that name. . .


    is there even still a chance of joining (in a resonably believable fashion)?

    I believe so. I think Avatara wants this TS to cover a period of several in-story weeks.


    How's things generally anyway?

    Since the holidays, somewhat slow.

  • Come to think of it, it'd probably help - the well of inspiration seems to be pretty dry right now, for most of us.

  • I remember the name and I remember the avatar, but somehow the name and the avatar occupy seperate memories. Strange.


  • It hasn't been that long that you have been away Moonshadow, welcome back to the boards.

  • Deep thought
    Moonshadow. . . Moonshadow. . .
    Oh yeah! I remember now!

    Good to see you back. :)

  • When I was reading some of the old, old topics here before I registered, I saw you quite a bit.

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