Nothing - a dead guy

  • Masked. He looks like grass.

    The northwestern tile in Cademia is a dead guy known as Nothing. That you can kill. Again and again. And again.

    This has been discussed before, that's how I found it. But I took a picture:

    Posted Image

    He appears to have a unique character portrait. I wonder if he was supposed to be something. Makes you wonder. Cythera has so many unanswered questions. It's so fascinating!

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  • He's in the Northwest Corner of every city tileset (yes, that means the Strongholds too!). I've tried everything on him: I've tried to feed him, ressurect him, scare him, shake-down him, fetch him--nothing works. His unique portrait does have some significance, as it likely belonged to a character that was removed at some point, but Glen Andreas has revealed virtually nothing about him (typical).

    Oh, and while you can kill him, he doesn't give you any exp.

  • Wild guess, but he does have the portrait border, could it be...Pelagon?

    EDIT: Another idea, could it be Tavara's portrait? He was kind of a servent to the Undines, and that's what the character portrait bg is. But Pelagon seems more like it, because the status thing never, ever says "Dead" except for Nothing. When a character is dead, he becomes a corpse. Oh, and Seldane, why are you using the odd helmet and have no party members?

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  • There are other characters with that border. It's not the "undine border." There's some politician in Catamarca (I think) that has the same border.

  • Most majordomo's have that border

  • No, I mean the portrait border is the majormodo border, servant, etc. Undines don't have a particullar border. Pelagon was a majormodo, and I just said that Tavara was sort of a servant, but not really...

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