• How do you say it?

    I always thought Cythera was said si-thare-ah. But now I think it is Ki-ther-ah... I looked it up on and it said Kithira... How do you say it?

  • I always say it sy-ther-ah, with "sy" being the "psy" in "psychotic", but I know my pronunciation is wrong. I'm not a linguist, so its good enough for me.

  • I've always pronounced the "c" as an "s" with the emphasis on the first syllable. But judging by the Cipher Manuscript or A History of Kythera, the "c" must be a "k", lol.

  • I've said it many, many different ways, so I have no idea of what the "true" pronunciation is.

  • Cythera is a real island in Greece. Apparently pronounced "sih-THEER-uh", or something like that.

    EDIT: I'm not very good at reading pronounciations, but I think it's actually "sih-THER-uh". Ther, as in "er...".

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