• Greetings

    Shade and sweet water,
    I am Timeflux, a new user to Ambrosia web Boards. Just thought I'd introduce myslef. I am a serious game freak. My fav gamez are Cythera, all the EVs, Uplink, POG, Avernum (spider), and Geneforge(spider).
    I have spent more hours playing these games than I can count. EV was one of the first games I have ever played. Thats about it for me, see ya in cyberspace.


    Post script: if anyone is trying to beta test an Ambrosia or Spiderweb game on a PC, please doent hesitate to ask.

  • Welcome to the boards Timeflux!

    The activity level of the Cythera community ebbs and fades in cycles; unfortunately, we happen to be at a low point in the cycle right now, so don't be too disappointed if you don't see a whole lot of people posting frequently - they'll come back sooner or later.

    As for beta-testing, a couple of the most recent Ambrosia beta tests were announced a few months ago on the Ambrosia Banter and Just Games forums, so I'd drop by there occasionally to see if they're hosting another beta. I don't know of any Ambrosia products that are approaching beta status right now (so it might be a few months), but then again, the past couple of games were announced at the same time they asked for beta testers.

  • Thanx Avatara, I'll do that!

  • Hey, welcome! Always nice to see new people here. I love this board, but the lack of posters makes things complicated. Can't just make useless thread all the time, hehehe. ;)

    I'm with you, I have been playing Cythera and Avernum for a bizarre amount of time. Especially Avernum (due to its length; I still think Cythera is better). I love those two games so much.

  • Wow, we're getting a bunch of new members just now. That's good news! It's always good to see some new faces about (Screen names and Avatars included :) )

    Allow me to greet you, and all other new members out there, most cordially. And may I express my sincere hopes that you will all decide to remain with us for as long as you like.

  • Welcome to the boards Timeflux and hey I'm from spider two :laugh: are you from the boards? If so what's your name

  • Greetings, Timeflux and welcome to the boards! It's always good to see new members around here.

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  • I was on Spiders boards a long time ago. My name was Reyak.

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