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  • Okay, thanks for helping me, but now I seem to be stuck again. Can someone give me a HINT to the riddle in the temple in the swamp? I don't want the answer, just a very small hint to get me started in the right direction. Is there anything else I should do? I've been to the dissappearing city (a great way to get experience) and I've done a lot of the missions. I haven't done the thing w/ the kid Dryas, so if someone could help get me started on that whole plotline I'd be greatful (again, no spoilers, just hints as to where to look/who to talk to.) Thanks everybody.

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  • There are several riddles, but since you didn't specify, I'll assume you mean the first.

    Hint: It's hot.

  • The whole plot line with Dryas starts when someone gets thrown in the jail in Cademia for a crime they didn't commit. I'm not sure exactly what triggers the events that get the person (someone in Cademia that gave you information about the kidnapping in Odemia) being thrown in jail, but if you've done alot of the other missions, you might just check the jail cells in Cademia every once in a while to see if anyone's in there.

    If you want more hint than that about what to look for, just ask. I'm trying not to give too much away unless you really want to be told (as to not spoil things).

  • thanks slayer for the hint. It was exactly what I was looking for. I'm having troubble though w/ the second riddle. It's the one that says All around but cannot be seen, can be captured but cannot be held, has no throat but can be heard. I was thinking Wind or Air, but niether is right. Am I at least thinking the right way or am I way off?
    Also, I checked the jail an no one is in it. Who do I need to talk to or what do I need to do to get these missions? (no spoilers, but point me in the right direction. If you tell me I need to ask so and so about X, tell me how I would have known to ask so and so about X). Thanks a lot.

  • You're on the right track exactly. What you're looking for is something that is carried through the air or wind.


  • Thanks, that helped. The rest were easy, except the last one. The one about the drum. I was thinking it was an eardrum b/c it said A red drum which sounds without being touched but is silent when touched (or somehting like that). Is eardrum at all close or is it something different?

  • It's a different internal organ, if you consider that close.

  • Thanks slayer. I figured it out, but that's a stretch! I think an ear drum fits more appropriatly to the riddle. The answer isn't really a drum and it makes a sound regardless of weather you touch it or not (or it doesn't mke a sound at all in some people's opinion). Oh well. Thanks for all your help you guys.

  • The story line about the crime and the wrongful imprisonment of one of the characters has several requirements before it occurs. One of them is that you complete a mission titled, "Find son of Sabinate." I found that out last week, and it's not listed on Slayer's page (probably because that is a mission that can be completed pretty early on).

  • Thanks. Did that one (hence all the questions about free Maytr (sp?)). Checked in jail, still no Halos. Any suggestions?

  • Have you returned Stentor's fishing net? That was what finally triggered the incident for me. Apparently he tells you some things that are supposed to make you suspicious of a certain family.


  • Yes I've returned his net. I've tried talking to Berrossus (sp?) but he doesn't seem to say anything about it. I've finnished all the Seldane missions and ask Halos about commana. I know there is some big set of kidnapping missions, but how can I get to them? I'll even take some spoilers at this point (but only for the first mission). Thanks

  • Have you gone to Odemia (northernmost city on the east coast of Cythera)? If you haven't, go there and talk to the guard in the gatehouse.

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  • Stentor says Pelagon is dead. Maybe you should get Pelagon's take on that.

  • My bad. I wasn't talking about the kidnapping missions (I've rescued the girl from Odemia) I was talking about the murder missions. I have asked pelagon about "dead" but he doesn't say anything about it! Anyone know what's up? Any more suggestions slayer? If I can't get the missions, what other things need to be done to cure Aleric? (no spoilers on curing Aleric please)

  • Got find ophelius's murder weapon. The problem was that I had done all those things just not consecutively. Thanks for all the tips, though.

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