3rd Crolna

  • Cannot Swim well

    Can someone tell me how to get past the stream in the cave with the 3rd crolna? I have found no passage through the cave itself.


  • There is a passage through the cave, you just have to look hard enough. Also, I would like to point out that the aformentioned route to the crolna shard is anything but direct, and can lead you to several dead-ends (and subsequnetly, time-consuming backtracks).

  • Once you get into the cave move along the left route and follow it, eventually you will find it but it can take a while. Don't try to use fetch on it either, it's like a dog and won't give it back.

  • ok, I got it, if anyone has as much trouble as I did, here is the answer. it's not as hard as it seams if you dont look in obvious places.

    As you emerge from the temple, and have the streem in between you and the crolna shard, go west about 5 paces.

    you will see a patch of dirt with a thin part of the stream above you blocked by wall, the wall is fake. walk through it, and over the stream.

    Folow the path around to the east, the south, than west. cross the streem again, and you should be right next to the shard thatz it.


  • Fake wall? Temple? Am I missing something? What I always did was press all the buttons, match them, solve the riddles, go out, turn left, kill the moving Hydra who attacks you and walks over you, go up, turn right, go down, go around the square eartheal wall, go around, kill the crabs, and get the crolna. There is a Scylla temple, but you're talking about the Hall of Truth, right?

    EDIT: Just realized, there is a fake wall if you don't press the last button and solve the riddle.

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  • oops...did not realize there was a last button. lmao

  • Though, I still don't understand the last button. Heart? Is that supposed to be the human's element? Is it related the earth heart mushrooms?

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