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    I have a few questions... First of all, I know about items sticking and if you leave, and you have items on the ground, they disappear. Well, I was wondering if they disappear after a certain amount of hours if you are in the same city.

    If the answer is yes, I am kind of screwed. You see, I just put my stuff on the ground so I could use Hector to stick the money to the ground so I could replicate it. I went to sleep a bunch of times to reagain mana... After I bought the building (which was a rip off!), I saved and went back and my stuff was gone...

    Is there any way that I can get it back or did Timon cast "fetch" on it behind my back?

  • I haven't actually had this problem before but what might have happened is it disapeared and just been reset. I am guessing that you are worried about loosing the Legendary Sword. Have you tried going back to where you picked it up. I thought that it may have the same effect as when someone leaves the group (not wait) they go back to where they started.
    Thats about the only thing that I can think of.

  • No.... I didn't lose the Legendary Sword- I lost some things that I want but can survive without. I mean, I have beaten the game to the best I can without registering. I got into the underground city using fetch. I registered when it first came out on my Power PC, but that has gone.

    The first farmhouse under Odemia, the one with the kid and parents. Yeah, I killed them because I really liked the house. I decorated it with plants and candlebras and some chests for storage. I got rid of the two other beds and two other tables. It looks pretty cool, I guess...

    The wierd thing about my things disappearing is that the one thing that was left was my magical map. Also, I had moved some debris in the building I bought, and it is there when I open the game up, but after searching everywhere else in the city, the moved firewood disappears... Hmmmm.... <_<

    Question: Back in December, did you sign up for the beta testing of Cythera X? I googled it and found a forum. I failed to realize it was from December, so I emailed him today... I sent another email after I realized what I had done.


  • The only way to circumvent the 'molly maid' effect is to 'stick' an item on the ground. To effectively 'stick' something you should empty all of the stuff off of one of your partners (except for the item you want to 'stick'), get them to stand where you want the object, tell that partner to 'wait', then cast the spell 'shake down' on your partner. If done correctly, the item will be on the ground, immune to disapeaping when the map resets until you move it.

    On a side note: you can also replicate most items you 'stick' in this fashion. Useful for making spare decorations, chests, spears, and other items that you cannot purcahse. Notable exceptions are mystic armor, the LK ammulet, and rings*. (*you can replicate rings, but their effects are not copied, they become ordinary jewelry)

    P.S. If you are registered, I would suggetst doing the stick-then-replicate process near alaric, where you can get him to restore your mana when nescessary (quite often for extensive replications).

  • Well the beta testing isnt going to well atm, its dying. I think we would appreciate more help in finding bugs.

    But one of the major problems is that: I have lost my copy when the iMac (my computer) got updated to Tiger, and someone lost their old emails, and Cythera isnt running in Tiger.

    -Dark Jet

  • Yes, yes, I know about sticking items to replicate and all because That is what I was doing :) (/I)
    As for my question in the first place, after a certain amount of time, does the things disappear if you drop them and they are unstuck?

  • I would assume that objects stay on the ground until there is some reason they should not be. The only reason I can think of for objects to disappear would be because the map had to be reloaded (since non-sticky objects aren't archived, they won't be retrieved). That obviously happens when you leave and reenter a map, but it might also happen while you sleep.

    However, there's no reason that the map should be reloaded after a time limit. So time in itself shouldn't make objects disappear.

  • Yeah I did save and quit... Maybe that's the reason. Thanks for the input, though...

  • this topic too old? If so, sorry.

    Non-stuck items will dissapear when that place dissapears from Omen's map. I found that out while collecting obsidian (before I got replicate), and I kept walking back and fourth, and when I came to pick up the obsidian, there were more than a hundred there.

  • No- I love reading old topics! I will have to test the theory. If they disappear when it disappears from Omens map, that stinks. It is a good thing that people should know about.

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