• ...are ignoring me.

    I've already figured out that almost all creatures (even harpies, yay!) attack Aethon, and ignore me. So I can just kill scyllas whille they try to chase Aethon, when Aethon is on land. However, skeletons don't seem to attack anybody. They just walk around, back and forth, even if I attack them. It's weird...

  • In one (or two) of the Strongholds, everybody ignores you. Once in a while some skeleton or undead might attack you, but it doesn't matter. None of the demons attack you either. At least they didn't attack me. Only the golem(s) and lich(es) attack you in the center, I think.

    But why do you care? Less work for you! :p

  • One look at your shiny blood-stained Sword of Heros scares them away ^_^

  • Yes, liches and golems seem to have something against me; they always attack me. The demons and undeads, like scyllas and polyps, always attack Aethon (probably because he's the weakest party member), but skeletons are just walking there, back and fourth, ignoring me and everyone else.

  • Hmmm- no wonder they wouldn't attack me- I left my party locked out because they are so STUPID... sometimes.

  • This trick is most usefull against harpies. However, skeletons don't seem to notice or feel anything at all. Liches and demons are a little more advanced, and smarter, it makes sence that they attack me, not Aethon.

  • well maybe the odd helm did it skellitons and the like are attacking me

  • IT 000, on Mar 11 2006, 10:19 PM, said:

    well maybe the odd helm did it skellitons and the like are attacking me
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    Alright, IT 000, your grammar is killing me wen u talk and the like this. Please. I may be overreacting, but... Please... :D

    Anyway, I think you are saying when you are wearing the odd helmet the creatures attack you.

  • Huh? What are you saying, IT 000 I can't understand it. Do you mean the odd helmet makes them attack you, or prevents it?

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