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  • Pnyx and Mining camp

    Just wondering, what is the desk in Paris's room in Pnyx that can be moved around, and doesn't open? And what is the sign in the Mining Camp that you can't read?

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  • Just bugs, like fetch, deep water, and the like. You'd be suprised how much of the game was never actually finished.

  • Fishing for example, I spent days trying to find out some place to fish. It always seems to say that the water isn't deep enough so I figured that you could only fish in deep water so I tried to find a spot where the water is instantly deep but with no success.

  • Speaking of water, I think I found an easter egg. I can't remember where, but some time ago, I tried fishing in a piece of water, and it said "You don't have a surfboard". Surfboard? :huh:

  • Um, once again if this topic is too old, sorry for that, but I found the surfboard now twice again, but in different places. First on the north edge of the island north of LandKing Hall, then just south of Abydos. In the second time, the island didn’t work, and searching the water of Abydos found invisible and unusable boots. :huh: :huh:

    Is it possible that this is related to the Eioneus fur cloak thing? Or “Nothing”? Could the “Removing the veil” spell work on Nothing so that he isn’t invisible anymore (if one could ever find that spell)?

    Cythera is so mysterious…

  • Sometimes when you are playing for a while, you look down to the "cursor indicator"- the thing that names objects or scenery your cursor is on. Well, sometimes it says MORE. I don't know what that means.

  • It meens if you hold down the curser a little bit a box comes up saying examine use and the like

  • Ohhhhhh....
    I think you can do that with most things.

  • The MORE thing I believe happens when your talking. It means display more.

    Also, just hold control and click the object, you don't have to hold the mouse down.

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