Looking for a "Dedicated" OSX Computer Host

  • Pallas is at his home network and something on his configuration is preventing port 6942 from being forwarded properly. What does this mean? The TS document quite a few of us use on a regular basis will be unavailable until he returns to his dorm network in a few weeks.

    Its not exactly a critical issue, but if someone has a computer and the ability to configure their network and is willing to be a temporarily host, please let us know. The hoster has to have Mac OS X 10.3 or later and be running SubEthaEdit in the background connected as consistently as possible to the internet. (being able to be online virtually 24/7 is necessary because Cythera posters come from all over the place, we even have one participant from New Zealand, and one who is a vampire, so hosting only during standard American operating hours is likely to exclude them)

    The good news about this program is it requires relatively low amounts of RAM and processing power, so it can easily be left running in the background. The bad part is that closing the application (especially while restarting a computer) tends to erase any editing marks (such as who wrote what), so once hosting, its preferred to not close the document for as long as possible.

    If you think you can help, and are willing to be a host server through mid-January, please post below. Alternatively, if you have experience troubleshooting Airport's port forwarding and the default host setting, you can attempt to post help as well to get Pallas's computer running properly.

  • I'm away from my DSL connection until the 4th of Jan, but I could host it after that, if necessary.

    (edit)Actually, that'd be something of an experiment - I'm not sure how long my ISP will leave my IP unchanged. Never had occasion to test that, before.(/edit)

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  • As long as you don't disconnect, I don't think that'll be an issue (unless your ISP auto-disconnects you every 24 hours). Pallas should be back and running by the ninth, so it'll just be for a few days, but it would really help out if you could host. If you're using NAT or behind an airport, you'll need to forward port 6942, and then publicly announce the document in SEE and set everyone's permissions to read and write.

    We're working on getting the online mirror so the stuff can at least be read.

  • Are you still interested in hosting? If not, I think I'm now in a position to throw up something temporarily to last through the ninth (after that, the main hoster is back).

    On a similar note, I'm starting to look into alternatives to SEE. While its a great program, its not really Windows-friendly, and we seem to have a growing number of Windows users, which are being excluded by SEE. The only programs so far I'll be keeping an eye on are Gobby and MoonEdit, but unfortunately both are in early development (I guess collaborative editing on this level is a relatively new thing) and don't have Mac versions compiled. Gobby has some code so the more tech savvy can compile it themselves, but I don't think many of us fit that category. If anyone finds a program for collaborative editing that works on Windows and Macintosh, please let me know.

  • Avatara, on Jan 3 2006, 06:45 PM, said:

    Are you still interested in hosting? If not, I think I'm now in a position to throw up something temporarily to last through the ninth (after that, the main hoster is back).
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    Sure. Could someone mail it to me?

  • Email sent to the address you use for that account.

  • Got it. I'll set it up when I get home tonight. We're going to lose the contributor-colouring, I suspect.

  • We already lost that when the host computer restarted. But that's okay, I think the majority of it can be inferred from the writing.

  • IP should be Post here if it doesn't work.

    (edit)Ah, I see Selax has found it.(/edit)

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  • If Selax found it then it was set up right, but I'm getting a "destination host unreachable" right now.

  • Hmm, looks like my ISP must do the 'forced disconnect' thing - IP is now I'll look into something like DynDNS later today, but apart from that, looks like it's a wash.

  • Its working now, seems the setup remains the same and you just need to update the IP address every morning.

  • For now, you can try cache22.staticcling.org. I'm not sure their client offers enough features, though (such as automatic periodic updating), so I may yet change to DynDNS.

  • Hm, didn't work, what's the IP for today?

  • Um, hadn't changed, when I checked it this morning.

  • Ahah, the Staticcling client doesn't update the IP address unless you quit it first. Silly me.

  • Hmm, I've reset every component, and still can't connect via the external IP. I'm beginning to suspect my ISP has blocked it.

  • Grabbing the IP from your post, is working for me.

  • Strange, I still couldn't conect either way (IP, DNS) from home, but I can connect from work using the DNS name. It worked originally, but not now.

  • IP address has just changed. What's that , 10 or 11 days? Weird schedule.

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