• Inns

    If you have Aethon go to a inn any inn exept Cadima talk to the owner and he should say
    inn keeper "Balius! You owe me (number) obali on your tab!"
    Aethon "I'm sorry I think you've mistaken
    inn keeper "Not unless there's sombody ugly as you!"
    inn keeper (I think there's a bug that Aethon is supposed to say it) "Will you pay it old freind?"
    Refuse the innkeeper says "see that door over there? Use it!"

    I then sai bomb voyage to him :cool:

  • I'm still wondering who the heck Balius is. Maybe he was another ratcatcher or something. Maybe he's "nothing"...

  • Maybe he is :blink: When I meet him BOMB VOYAGE!!! Just for laughs place a bomb in front of "nothing"

  • Balius is Aethan. Actually, that's just his Odemia alias. He's got another name in Catamarca, I forget what.
    If you need convincing, ask Aethan "Balius".

  • Aethon is cool like that, going under different names. (I think) somewhere in the game when you talk to someone about Aethon they say he has different aliases or something... I don't know, though...

  • Ohhh...

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