Hole missing in cove

  • I started my 50th player or something yesterday, and I went to the cove today to get the mystic spear. After killing the crabs, however, I couldn't find the hole where it normally is, at the top left corner. Instead, there was just floor. I searched all around, but I couldn't find the hole.

  • I think its the games way of punishing you for playing too much :)

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  • You mean between the crabs and polyps?

  • I guess. The one that leads to the mystic spear.

  • Just curious.
    One time I thought the other hole was missing, lol. How was I supposed to know it was under a pile of rocks? o.0

  • How do you get rid of the pile of rocks again?

  • cough fetch! cough!

  • That's what I thought.

  • The pile of rocks removes itself if you do everything properly.
    First, Charax must ask you for the Timeflux book. Then go ask the librarian dude and ask him about the book. The librarian will tell you the name of the guy who took the book. Then go repeat this name to Itanos, the judge of Kosha. At least that always works for me o.0

  • But if you're impatiant and just want to read the book or you haven't registered, fetch works fine. Also, you don't need to ask the librarian the guy's name, but you can if you want to. Hmmm...I wonder if just asking Itanos the name will make the rockpile dissapear without making Charax ask you. Also, how come that one hydra in Maayti runs around, attacks you, and you can walk over it, whille the others are just still, looking all gross, not bothering you, and making their tentacles hard as rock?

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