Weird,answer and question

  • 1 I got a mushroom steak once and when I ate it it said "Not so good"

    2 You don't have to bug Purusa about the sapphire book just talk to here around day 50

    3 How long (Cythara days) have you been in Cythera. when did you finish (Cythara days)

    For me 13 right now I finished (first time Yah!) on day 7

  • 1. I'm jealous! I want one! Mopes

    2. What matters is what Prusa is saying to you, it probably happened that she was saying the right thing on day 50. But you can easily get the book on day 1 ^_^

    3. I've finished it in four Cytherian days. I've tried to do three, but I always get caught up in the game @_@

  • Its easy to finish the game in one day.
    Looks around I don't cheat though runs off ;)

  • It is pretty easy if you save often, revert often, stop time by not moving, and don't sleep.


    1 The mushroom steak I believe comes with Aethon. It's funny how even Aethon doesn't like it. But Aethon is not a cook, and he's been in sewers a lot, I don't think his food would be all that good.

    2 I got it by luck on day 4 or something once, what she says is in a completely random order.

    3 I beat the game with my first player in some 200 days or so. But I spent so much time exploring, and didn't use Slayer's guide until I found the seldanes (which took so long to get, since using the crolna on a standing stone took a long time for me to do). My main player has not beaten the game, since I want to explore more, and am currently 452. The quickest it took me to beat the game was 1 day, it was around 8 PM when I finished it.

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  • Just checked Aetthon didn't have it

  • It gets mixed around when you devide food, but I believe it was him who had it. Though maybe it was the way, what does Hector's key fit into?

  • Hector's key unlocks the chest with the magic arrow, quite useful ^_^

    I've divided food countless times in an attempt to get it, but I've never succeeded :/

  • I think Aethon comes with it, but maybe I picked it up.

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