I pulled the lever...

  • I pulled the lever in the house with the ruffian but I can't find the secret door!
    Also how do I get into the caves belo LORD KING HALL? I did it once but I frogot how I did it

    Seth Matheson

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  • I'm guessing you mean the house in Cademia where's there's a ruffian in the SE corner room of the house and a lever in the NE corner room. To find the secret door you opened, walk out of the house and go south til you run into a wall. Walk west and then south following that wall until to get to the door. Walk through the door into the room with cobwebs in the corner and a spike trap right in front of the door. The secret door is in the back wall of that room (and is now opened since you used the lever).

  • There are three ways to get to the caves under LKH:
    1. Go up from the room with the pool in LKH, there will be a bit of the wall at the top that you can walk through, it will be green on the map.
    2. There is a cave down the mountains from LKH which has one of the doors with a pedestal with the pattern on it, there is also a tunnel that will take you to the caves.
    3. Just up from Cademia there is a small hill with a pillar just to the east of it. Using the crolna on it will open a passage to the caves.

  • You can also get into the LKH caves by using the Crolna on the pedestal in the ruins where Timon hangs out.

  • I'm new here and it could be that no one notices that I've posted, but you can also enter the caves through the Land Kings Magic Room (I don't know what else to call it. The room with the pots that you can light and the door the goes into that sparkley stuff.) and the secret door in the fool's room.

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