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  • Fun with a unregistered game.

    Hi all I dont really post here, even though I've played Chythera quite a bit. The thing is I never registered it! :D Maybe it was because i was to lousy not to pay the 25$, or the unregistered version was enough for me, but its probally because of the bugs I have encountered, but I'll get into them later on...

    Where to start?: Well I'll start with saying that cythera is one of the funest RPGs that I've ever played adn that it has brought me many hours of fun! (114 hours acording to the register pop up, or does it count days?) When I first started playing Cythera I wasn't sure how it all worked, but over time I picked it apart (Like I useally do with games I play.) and found that you could "Destroy moss", and that there was a "Crystal ball, dresser, and two dead ruffians in land king hall. So I became a Cythera Junky picking it apart and sticking my nose where it shouldn't be.

    Stats: My stats are of little importance to this thread because I only have the unregistered version and so i couldnt learn everything but i could learn al,ost all of the special skills.

    Equipment: Hehe though it may seem impossible I have colected all of the "Unquie items of Cythera" on my own and with some help from slayers guide. However I also aquired not one but two shards of the glowing green crystal. I'll explain how. Fist I got the crsytal you could get in the demo version, then I used remote manipulation on the hole behinf the barriers underneath Land King Hall. I was now in the domain of the (cant remeber their name) I cast fetch a few times on the stone doors and talk to the guy that teachs you the language, and went from there getting both peaces of the medalion. Once underneath that swamps I tried useing the shard on the barrier, but to no avail! Lucky thing a had returned enough sapphire books to learn fetch. :) So after many fetch'ns I finally came to where the crabs were and got the second crystal shard.

    Thats about all I can think of, I did replicate alot of obsidian and got two two handers up to ledgendary status like the sword of heros... Yeah so other than thats there nothing but my question for why UrShyph is even there, I meen I used fetch on all the barriers suround him but, he cant cross lave or water, not to mention he doesnt hit very high but you cant hit him...

    Ok the nasty lil bugs:
    Sometimes when playing cythera it freezes my computer and I have to restart.

    Sometimes when saveing my game it says its out of memory and then quits it self, but it saved my game anyway...

    Well thhats my story, if there any questions I'll be happy to answer them. :)

  • I am assuming you are using OSX, so the freezing sometimes happens. When you save your game and it says it is out of memory, then give it more memory.

  • Wow, congrats ^^ I like playing the unregistered version too, but I can never stand playing it very long without Pandora's box because I don't have much patience @@ Especially when fetching stuff away or replicating, lol.

  • I played Cythera to death before I registered it too. Problem is, there wasn't much left to do when I registered it. :p

    I was going to write a guide to how you could play through the entire game without registering, but I encountered a couple of problems, so that never happened.

    By the way -- you can actually load save files from a registered copy and therefore use magic, etc. in the unregistered version! :p

  • Giving Cythera more memmory never does anything. It's an annoying bug, and the main reason why I don't play Cythera on OS X or even OS 9. I did that fetching thing too, but it was very annoying. It took like 4 days or so since I only had about 25 magic power or so. Also, did you need to fetch the doors in the Seldane cave? The disks appeared for me, though someone said they didn't a long time ago...

    UrSylph is still a mystery, but I think he's there to give info and lead you to the strongholds, which are even more of a mystery. But the strongholds are probably intended for info too, this time about Tavara, which is probably the biggest mystery of Cythera.

  • @buzzzzy_bot, on Apr 29 2006, 04:37 PM, said in Cythera Demo:

    But the strongholds are probably intended for info too, this time about Tavara, which is probably the biggest mystery of Cythera.

    For the entire factual truth found as based solely on in-game canon information found within Cythera on the subject of Tavara and the Cult of the Scylla, you can go somewhere waaaaaaaaay back in the Cythera Chronicles for my "History of Cythera's Mysteries: Part 1" (There never was a part 2. It was going to be about the elements and their struggles.)

    At any rate, just thought I'd lend whatever info I could to the "biggest mystery". It's not conclusive, but I think it's pretty strongly implied what happened.

    (Edit) Here's a link. Also, it was just interesting for me to note how bad my writing was. I could do that same piece much better now, with 4 more years of experience behind me. Don't think that badly of that... embarrassing piece, or any of my rather poorly written pieces you may find across that board. (/Edit)

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  • I still don't completely understand Tavara.

  • I don't think anyone does.

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