Spikes and Moss

  • Did anyone know you can destroy spike traps and moss by attacking it? Also, if you do Detect Secrets (spell or power) near a spike trap, walk one space below the highlighted spike trap, search the ground above you, then attack the spikes, you can avoid spikes all together. I never destroy moss though, because it's fun seeing Aethon running around in circles behind me. But if you wanted to, just to remove another nuisance, you can.

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  • you can also pick spikes up. Just move them first

  • Although you can move them and pick them up there isn't much use for them.

  • You have to see it first. I like moss because it is pretty. Please don't destroy it. SAVE THE MOSS!

  • Did anyone else notice that moss paralyzes you more before you register? Or am I just crazy?

    I like collecting spike traps ^_^ I even replicate them. Occasionally I throw a bunch of chests around an enemy to trap them and then throw spike traps in the other spaces in between the chests. That way when the enemy runs around, it hurts itself on the spikes, lol. Not the most effective way to kill stuff, but fun nonetheless.

  • Actually, moss confuses you, but it never stopped even after I registered. But, like I said, if you detect traps, then search the highlighted area where the spikes were, you'll find the spikes. Then you can destroy them and pick them up.

    But destroying moss is useless, since it's usually easy to avoid them and it's fun to see your party members running around in circles, but it does get rid of a neusance.

  • My mistake @@
    If you know where the traps are, you can search the area to find them. You can still pick them up or distroy them ^

    I don't distroy moss either, it provides a bit of light in the dark ^_^

  • You can find the spikes by using the ability or the spell Detect Traps. It will breefly outline-highlight the spikes. I love to see Aethon spinning around in circles. I think I've said that three times now.

  • Or you just know where the spikes are from previous experience. Then you don't have to waste any magic

  • You know not to step in moss by the time you register, too.

  • I don't destroy the moss; I destroy the application. I like to open Cythera in an HEX Editor and remove random bits and bytes.

  • The first time I saw Aethan running around in circles, I thought it was hilarious ^_^ I was laughing about that for weeks. . . But you know, he's my favorite follower, I think I'd rather see Hector running around in circle, lol.

  • Aethon is my only follower, since the rest are only good for attacking, which I don't need now. Aethon destracts creatures like Scyllas and harpies, so he's usefull. If you learn the detect secrets ability from the ratcatcher's guild/Eteocles, you don't need to use magic.

  • Out of curiosity, to what attack strategy do you have Aethan set?

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on Apr 30 2006, 09:55 AM, said in Spikes and Moss:

    Out of curiosity, to what attack strategy do you have Aethan set?

    Not really out of curiosity, more like that might be the reason things attack him. Good point.

  • I try to set Aethon to missile script, but it keeps changing back to Attack Target. However, in the case of scyllas, I have him stand on land, tell him to wait, and the scyllas try to run to him, but they can't go on land so they just sit there where I can attack them. As for harpies, Aethon moves quickly so he usually avoids getting hurt, whille the harpies ignore me whille I attack them. Harpies seem to get scared of you when you attack them though, and the bottom cave ones are much nicer and don't attack you unless you attack them. The same thing worked for Hector, but the only problem is that the scyllas and harpies ran away when they saw Hector and attacked me and Aethon when we appeared.

  • My personal theory is that enemies attack weaker characters. If you let your followers fight, they level up and are thus stronger. I suspect that this is related to whom the enemies attack (if anyone), but I don't know how to prove it, lol.

  • Well, if you have a weak mage do they attack you instead?

  • @percy_bot, on May 3 2006, 05:02 PM, said in Spikes and Moss:

    Well, if you have a weak mage do they attack you instead?

    Well, Timon isn't that great. But I have no idea.

    The reason you destroy moss is because in a place or two, there's a hole under the moss that can take you to another exciting cave. Nothing really interesting ever came from this, but maybe there's one that eventually might be useful. Either that or it's like the wishing fountain, and never was fully finished.

    PS. Well, would you look at that! I guess I do still show up here from time to time. Proved me wrong!

  • The fountain is the funniest thing in the game- if you ask it the right thing.

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