Ghosts in Abydos

  • Alright. I wanted to make a list of what the ghosts in Abydos responded to. These aren't the real, real responses, just something like it.

    Tavara- Shakes violently
    Mage- Looks ashamed
    Name- shies off
    Abydos- gestures around
    Die/Death- Nods head

    There were a couple other, but I can't remember.

  • "Demon"/"Demo" Both does something, forgot what. I think there was something else as well. Maybe ghost?

  • I forgot demon- shakes violently.

  • If you haven't noticed, dialogue in Cythera is based only on the first four letters of the word you enter. This explains why asking a Dodona about "Paris" usually elicits a response about "Parium." It makes no difference whether you ask about "Alaric," "Alar," or "Alarizizzle," so I'm in the habit of entering in only the first four letters of what I want to ask about ('cause I'm lazy).

  • 'Sea' also generates a valid response...

    I bet there are others guys--try everything you can think of; people,places, things, everything. Perhaps it will "say" something about the sapphire books, or the Tyrant?

  • Sea? Oh yes, they were Seldane. Perhaps Tavara used the Undine to destroy Abydos, and then went to the Stronghold. Perhaps Tavara is an Undine.

  • I wouldn't have thought that the ghosts of Abydos were Seldane, as they were driven underground long before the humans arrived from Thera. I had always thought the ghosts were the ghosts of the mages killed when Abydos fell?

  • That's what I thought too, and I also think that Tavara is most likely an undine who betray the undine, kind of a rebellious undine. And I love asking the ghosts about Demodocus, because they think I'm asking them about demons. And I also like to ask Hector and such Demon, and they'll answer to Demodocus.

  • I'm not sure about that four-letter theory. If you ask about "Antiphus," some people will talk about him, but most will just talk about "antidote."

  • ...which is evidence for the four-letter system, not against it :)

    In other words, all humans are taught what an antidote is. Some are then given information about Antiphus, and they can't distinguish between the two because they only consider the first four letters. The more specific information overrides the general.

  • Why would Antiphus be answered by the people who know both though? Does it overwrite antidote or something?

  • Think of it this way:

    • Humans know about antidotes
    • Cademians (?) know about Antiphus

    When you're talking to Berossus, and you mention "antidote," the game first asks "Does Berossus know about 'anti'?" If so, it reports what he knows. If not, it asks "Do Cademians?" If still nothing, it asks "Do Humans?" In this way, more specific groups of people (Cademians vs. Humans, Berossus vs. Cademians) can have more specific knowledge.

  • Ah.

    Minor note: Isn't it Odemians that know Antiphus?

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