Rogue Characters

  • Possible?

    Hey, I was just wondering, is the game playable with a thief type character?
    Is it possible to steal for a living, fight with ranged combat only, and most importantly, not get allies (they'd attack you if you stole) and still be able to play the game to its fullest?
    Also, is it possible to steal without getting caught?

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  • 1: I believe there is a Rogue in the main selection screen.
    2: yes, yes, and I don't think so.
    3: Yes. Slayer's guide knows how.

  • 1 Yes
    2 yes yes and yes
    3 go at night when no ones around and swipe if day close all doors and windows swipe

    Hey it worked I just swiped your wallet :p ;)

  • I have done a rogue character many times, and it works. You can still fight, but you have different starting skills, such as detecting secrets.

  • I have always found the rogue to be the best character to start off as just because of its of its abilities. Although you can get them from other people during the game its better to start off with some of them.

  • ummm he might mean Rogue=Evil like a game I have ex- Rogue Stickmen are evil (Hence dogs rip them to scraps

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