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  • OoC Thread for Witch Hunt

    Like with last time, this is a place to post big Out of Character remarks, questions, story reviews, ideas, battle plans, suggestions, throw tomatoes, and other kinds of things for the new story.

    • Pallas loads a tomato into his slingshot.

    Don't worry, I won't fire until I've posted.

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  • Thanks, I'm sure my dress needed that.

  • Here's a real question. Is there a way to configure SEE so it always starts up with the internet window open? Every time I use it I'm connecting to someone else's computer. I know I can open a blank document locally when starting up, but it doesn't auto-connect or launch the internet window as far as I can tell.

  • I don't believe there is such an option in SEE. Your best bet is probably just to memorize the key sequence (Cmd-Shift-K) and be ready to type that on launch. It's also quite possible that SEE will remember if the dialog was open at the last close, so keeping it open while editing would have it open for the next session. I can't test that, though, for colorful reasons.

  • Since Slayer's guide is currently offline, here's the "People of Pnyx" section. Hopefully it will be useful for coming up with names. Since this TS is set a while after the game, I would assume that Charax has replaced Palaestra as the alchemy instructor, and that many of the students have left, and perhaps returned. Niobe should also be older.

    Lindus - Headmaster of the Magisterium - Lindus operates the magisterium. He decides who should recieve training, and can train you in mana and casting himself. The students feel that he is a decent guy.
    Pheres - Healing instructor - Pheres a master of healing magic. If you ask he can train you. The students know him as friendly. He needs a harpy egg for a project he is working on.
    Tros - Runes instructor
    Palaestra - Alchemy instructor - Palaestra is a master of Alchemy. She can teach it to you, if you ask. She is known by the students as not being the friendliest, but knowing alchemy well. She may one day be surpassed by Charax.
    Selinus - Librarian - Selinus knows every book in the Magisterium. He is very old. If you bring him the Sapphire Books of Wisdom, he can give you the passwords to the higher degree magic halls.
    Helen - Owns and operates the study hall - Helen serves mediocre food. Her Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera. She is married to Paris. Since she and Paris have common cousins, it goes to reason that either they are (uggh) cousins or (UGGH!!) siblings. She is the mother of Niobe.
    Paris - Shop operator - Paris sells some good equipment. Torchs are a good source of light, and bags can hold 80 grains without increasing their own weight. He is married to Helen and is the father of Niobe. His Dodona cousins run most of the inns in Cythera.
    Niobe - Helping her mother - Niobe had a weird dream involving you. She is the daughter of Helen and Paris.
    Clytemnestra - Runes student - Clytemnestra is about to graduate and become a freemage.
    Peisander - Undecided student - Peisander is the newest student.
    Danae - Healing student - Danae is just another student.
    Menelaus - Alchemy student - Menelaus is just another student.
    Protesilaus - Healing student - Protesilaus is just another student.
    Alcyone - Student - Alcyone is just another student.
    Thrasymedes - Healing student - Thrasymedes is just another student.
    Peleus - Runes student - Peleus is just another student.
    Lycaon - Undecided student - Lycaon is just another student.
    Semele - Student - Semele hopes to become a researcher.

  • Um, Avatara, I was looking for Sideline's character info, and it seems to be here in the Character Info Archive (the thread for dead characters). It might be a good idea to move him to the Character Info thread.

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  • Pnyx. P-N-Y-X.

    I think I'll ditch the Overmind account, I keep forgetting to switch logins. It's a bit pointless using multiple accounts without the karma system, anyway.

  • Any other characters I need to pull back?

    Sideline will be saved as soon as I find where it split to... done.

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  • Half Truth, in your post, you have the group going to present themselves to Lindus. Lindus, as the messenger said, is in bad condition and might not make it, so I don't think that they could go meet him. Maybe Selinus or the captain of the guard? Also, in Pallas's post, there were guards at the entrance of Pnyx; it might be best to include them in your post as well.

  • Done and Done.

  • Well, this is only a minor note, but Lindus hasn't just fallen ill. The assassination attempt almost killed him.

  • DF: Are the shadow wraiths in your posts the same as the ones from Requiem? If so, remember that Sideline has had some experience fighting them before. If not, I'll stay out of your way.

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  • Note: the end of my last post is intended to be open-ended. The plotline is not supposed to be on hold; I apologize if anyone received this impression.

  • Selax's actions are typical of his character in this situation; I don't mean to make anyone else feel left out. The only characters whose locations that I know are Wizard's and cache's, who are all in the restaurant where a brawl is currently ensuing. Because I don't think Selax could really enter in a smooth manner, I'm keeping him out of the restaurant; hence, part of the reason for his action. In addition, Lindus is mentioned as probably not going to be awake for very long, so Selax has to act swiftly. I'm sorry if anyone is upset. I can edit the post, if need be.

  • cache, you around? if you can, get on IRC!

  • me and avatara were brewing up a batch of posts earlier today, and got a few in even. Now that you want this, we may be able to work together to help in the fixup :)

  • All sorted, on with the show. :)

  • Oh, please note: I'm pretty much posting reactively, with a few 'freewheel' elements thrown in, and not to any particular plan. If anyone wants to pick up something I post and run with it for a bit, be my guest.

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