Tyrant's Tomb, etc.

  • Being newly introduced to this game, I'm pretty sure what I have to ask has been asked hundreds of times before, but...

    1. How does one get into the Tyrant's Tomb? Is it the secret entrance near the sundial in the castle? If so, how to activate it? Lever nearby?
    2. By reading the posts below, I assume one cannot solve the Wine Contract task? Impossible by game design? Why include it if it's impossible in the first place?
    3. Some quests on the To Do list do not check off...this is normal? (Example being the Retrieve Books of Wisdom)

    Thanks in in advance for your patience...

  • 1: Talk to the drunken bum in the inn in Kosha. Pay him a couple oboloi and he'll give you some info you might be interested in (hint, hint)

    2: I think the word is that the wine contract mission is sort of a "false mission" strictly included to lead you to other missions.

    3: It's normal; don't worry about it. It won't affect your ability to win the game.

  • 3. Remember that there are ten sapphire books, the Book of Wisdom is just one of them. :) You won't get it checked off until you recover all ten of them. But as Ereid said, there are things that won't be checked off your list even after you do them. I think it STINKS they still haven't fixed this bug because it definitely cheats you out of experience points.


  • Thanks, I've gotten through the tomb now.
    But, I've gotten all 10 books, and it still does not check off the quest...another cheated experience possibility.
    A final question...after getting to the swamp ruins and talking to Larisa, she said she was going to leave the ruins and go back to Kosha. But at Kosha she's not in her quarters...Timon said something about worrying something happened to her...anything worthy there?
    Also, Myus seems absent from Kosha when I got there, he's not in the Great Hall or anywhere in the house, nor in the Inn...what happened to him?

    Sorry if this sounds newbish...

  • Larisa and Joppa are gone forever, as far as anyone can tell. Myus, on the other hand, is not. Maybe those secret doors have something to do with it...

  • It never checked off my list either. It's a bug. :::sigh:: As for Larissa...perhaps that whole thing was supposed to be a teaser for the NEXT game. I don't know..but I didn't like it so much. :) I think things should be somewhat resolved by the end of the game.


  • Myus never left for me. <pout>

    And what secret doors are you referring to, Slayer?

  • You need to do other stuff(in Cademia) to make Myus disappear.

    I'm referring to the secret doors in Myus' house.

  • secret doors in the House Comana that leads under Kosha where you find the kesh and that staff that makes the kesh? Are those the doors you were referring you? I went around House Comana detecting secret and found only those two secret doors...

    Under Kosha I only found Pelagon still wandering around the boxes of kesh...

  • Look in the left hand side of the cave. All three Comanas are there.

  • Hi, I'm new so I'm not quite aquainted with the posting stuff. What was that you said about the staff making the kesh?!? I've been using it as a weapon, nothing else.

    -Crimson Panther

  • How do you open the two secret doors in the Comana mansion? Is there a lever I just havn't found, or do I have to find Pan-Pipes with an H Note on them (something I got from Demodocus, okay)?

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