Fetch and Demo

  • Demo + Fetch=Near full game

    Yesterday I temporarly moved the Cythera prefs somewhere else because I had an idea about something in the demo. And it worked...sort of. What I did is I got the piece of dried kelp from the ruffian/vineyard, then went to the cove and killed the polyps and hydra to make way. Then I fetched the rockpile. After killing zillions of polyps and two hydras, I found the skeloton and the book with it. I took the book and talked to Charax, and what do you know? Charax accepted it and acted as if he had given me the mission (though he was still labled as "mage"). Everything seemed to be working, but then after 20 Cythera days, he's still supposedly not done researching the earth thing and Sabinate won't give me the mushroom. But still, with this use of fetch and the use of it in the Hall of Truth, the only things that are missing in the demo seem to be Timon, the fourth shard of the crolna, Alchemy, Healing, and Runes, and of course some people's cooperation...

  • I've had fun doing that too ^_^

  • Yeah, for the longest time, I didn't register the game. I went as far as I could with fetch, but without the fourth shard of the Crolna, you get kind of stuck.

  • My brother registered Cythera a long time before I even started playing, so I played the registered version for ages before I tried the unregistered. The main thing I don't like about the unregistered is those Pnyx teachers -_-

  • Don't forget the second shard, you can't get that either.

    And actually I thought the teachers were fairly funny, though they did get annoying after a while. "You must @register first," and "Yes, just run the Register Cythera program. It has all the details," as if time had suddenly warped to computer days.

  • That's true, but by that time my followers had demanded me to register so many times that it was old -_-

  • Now that was definately annoying. Stupid speach balloons get in the way. Though even in the full version you have Meleager and Aethon spitting out stupid stuff all the time, that's why I don't use Meleager (Aethon and Timon prove good destractions, so I keep them, and Hector I keep at first, but then I don't need him).

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