Exodus part 2

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    for those of you who enjoyed, or at least read, the beginning of my chronicle: the next part is now available here.
    Comments and criticisms are welcome.

  • By the way, I added the second part of my chronicle.

  • The next part of Selax's chronicle is available, as is the third and last part of my own chronicle.
    I suggest you all have a read!

  • I think that I might take a brief break from my chronicle and not post the next installment until next week. This is in part because I want it to end about the same time as the TS and because I have had a very busy week (although I might have one next week as well). I might put it up tomorrow if enough people are waiting for it.

  • The next part of my chronicle is up, by the way.

  • I don't know if I'll get a chron post up this week.

    By the way, for those who might be uncertain, the Cythera Chronicles board is actually real: it is not just a myth. ;)

  • I might not be able to post the next part of my chron this week, but I'll endeavor to finish the chron next week.

    Do feel free to drop by the Chronicles board, even if it is just to make fun of my writing ;)

  • Actually, it appears that I have more time on my hands today than I had expected, so I will endeavor to finish my chron today if possible.

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