The Alraeican Tavern - part VII

  • From his own corner, Selax watched with little interest. He noticed one of the Tavern's drunken inhabitants get up and stagger toward Silverfish; he frowned wondering what was going on.

    This make this Tavern's 200th post. Although there was never any official word on the other topic concerning 200 posts in a Tavern, the poll was unanimous; thus, I am going to go ahead and start the next Tavern. For anyone unfamiliar with this process, I believe the next Tavern Topic is identical to this one, just a new topic. It'll also pick up where this one stops. So if everyone agrees with restarting at 200 posts, head on over to the new topic, which I shall make presently.

    EDIT: Link to Part VIII of the Tavern.

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