The Ruffian Encampment (TS)

  • A wave of bandits rush by, blocking view of the group. the ruffian holding the knife to his throat pulled him back into the darkness and begun to disappear with the others. The other prisoners were taken as well.

    --Less than a minute before that--

    Talryn saw something he never did before and wondred what it was (a polyp). During this moment in time, Wizard had apparently inadvertly made contact with Talryn. Apparently from when Talryn served a certain dark figure, he had gained the ability to "meld" withothers. When Talryn helped create the Dragon illusion with Wizard, Talryn had learned a small bit how to control his (Talryn) mind that much more.

    From this, Talryn suspected that if he were to continue to help Wizard cast spells, Talryn might become stronger with Telekenisis(sp?) and oher mind related things. During the very breif contact that Talryn had with Wizard during the battle, he had recieved a burst of images.

    Later in Talryn's cell, he began to sort out the images. In a cell next to him, a person recoginized him from the Tavern, before Talryn had went on the quest concerning a Dragon. "hey, you can cast magic right?"

    "Yes, whats your point?"
    "Well, why dont you break the shackles and get us out of here?"
    Talryn glanced back down at his shackles, there was still that trace of magic in them but from what he could tell, it wouldn't hurt if he cast certains spells he had learned. However, he did promise Selax not to cast such dark spells unless the need was dire. "Well its complicated..."

    A bandit walked up to Talryn's cell and unlocked it...

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  • Rapierian was now in something of irritated mood. The battle with the ruffians had been refreshing, but he could do without the kesh or the worry of being spotted by an Undine someplace. If that happened, he'd be very annoyed. Deep in thought, he walked silently near the head of the group, although he still kept an eye on Satori, just in case.

    Despite having to be cautious of ambushes or of being observed by bandits who could warn the encampment of their coming, the group was again making good progress. Indeed, they were making such good time that it was possible that they'd reach the encampment by dawn the next day.

    However, within four hours of the Encampment and just after crossing the River that flowed to the swamp, events took a turn for the worse...

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  • The were several small land bridges along the River Styx. The group crossed the one that was nearest them, which was incidentally the smallest. They all made it safely to the western shore, though, and from there turned southwest.

    The adventurers had not been traveling half an hour, skirting the edge of the wood, when another completely irrational occurrence came their way. Out of the forest echoed an erie noise. Wizard stopped and listened for a moment, "I know that sound." A couple others stood listening too and nodded agreement. The reverberation came again, this time louder and closer. Toreon stepped up next to Wizard. "What is it?" he asked, with the faintest hint of apprehension in his voice.

    Phaedrus, who had one arm slung around Medoc for support, slowly raised his head from its relaxed position and said in a quiet voice, "It's the cry of a harpy, when he knows there is a threat nearby."

    "But, it's during the middle of the day. What could entice them to come out of their caves in daylight?" Rapierian wondered.

    "I don't know, but I don't want to stick around long enough to find out. Come, we must make haste," Wizard spoke quickly, "Let me help you, Medoc." They all picked up their pace and almost broke into a run. They ran for several minutes before slowing down.

    "I need - to - stop," Retsy managed to say between deep breaths. As the last word left her mouth, the sound of the harpies' rang again, almost suffocating them under its might. Rapierian was the first to look back: a harpy stood directly behind Retsy.

    It did not move toward her, but it did begin to glow and the deafening cry they had heard earlier burst forth yet another time. The spell of confusion and fear began to affect the group. Even Wizard could feel a slight tingle as the noise invaded his mind and attempted to overcome his senses and thought, but he blocked it. Retsy began to hyperventilate. Then everyone dove for the harpy. Satori, who was the nearest, pulled out her scythe and, with disgust, began to hack at the monster repeatedly.

    One harpy was not that hard to deal with, but then the situation got out of hand. Within a few more moments several harpies had crawled out of the wood and more followed behind them. Initially, it looked bad for the group, but by some miracle they began to push back the harpies. It was not easy, though. In the confusion, Wizard lost sight of the others, and found himself surrounded by trees.

    Wait, no. There's Medoc, and that's Toreon. He located as many others as he could catch a glimpse of. He lifted a hand and sent the nearest harpy smashing into a tree with sufficient force to tear it in half.

    Minutes, hours, seconds, passed. No one knew for sure. They only knew when the fight was over. They were separated; part in the forest, the other on the outside. Wizard, for one, was in the forest.

    Both halves knew, though, that if they continued on their path to the ruffian encampment, they would eventually meet. So that's what they did. . .

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  • OoK
    I am just going to be following the groups that Wizard stated, if anyone wants them changed just PM me and I can easily change it.
    It took a while to fully recover from the harpies. Unlike many of the other magical creatures of Cythera, the harpies have no offencive magic at all. The harpies magic comes from their high pitch squeal which is disorientating, it effects some functions of the brain making it harder to think and commonly makes people scared and run away. The group had been broken but both knew of the objective. Wizard, Medoc, Retsy and dusk set off going roughly in a southerly direction hoping to eventually come across the ruffian encampment. They weren't too far from where it should be located, its not exactly marked on a map.
    There were still shreaks that could be heard off the distance but this time it was the harpies that were running away.
    "Have you ever heard of a group of harpies going out and assaulting a group of travelers before Wizard? They tend to be rarely seen during the night and never through the day." Medoc asked.
    "They are a timid creature, they spend most of their time down in the caves where its damp. They feed on the moss that grow in some of the deeper caves of Cythera. We are a long way from their hive, they had no reason to attack us." Wizard replied trying no to look concerned.
    The next several hours were fairly un eventful, they were following a stream that would eventually lead them to the mouth of the swamp, from there they would just need to walk due west and that would take them to the ruffian encampment. Having Phaedrus tagging along with them slowed their advance a little, he was still healing and had to take a rest every mile or so.
    " Rapierian, Satori and Toreon must be following the mountain range down to the encampment. Its a slightly longer walk following the mountain due to the fact that its generally easier to climb over some part of the mountain than it is to find a safe way around, but with Phaedrus the way that he is it we should reach the encampment at about the same time." Wizard said to the group at one of their rest stops. "We still have a good 2 days trek so we should get moving again."
    As it was getting closer to dusk later that day the group began to get a waft of pungent air coming up from the south.
    "We are almost at the swamp now, it might be a good idea if we stop here for the night." Medoc stated.
    "Well, at least my legs are getting better." Phaedrus said, "I can almost walk without someone to lean on, even if only for a short distance." he said sounding proud of himself.
    That night, each of them wondered how the other group was fairing, whether they had fallen into any trouble.

  • As the bandits from the attack on Kosha return, Kickme is sent to help them. As he helps one of them to the infirmary, he asks them what happened. All he could get out of him before being told to "Shaddup or else!" was that somethings called 'Polyp' attacked the group.

    Having no idea what this thing is, Kickme asks his overseer what they are, and was promptly told to go on a scout mission to Kosha to find out what happened.

    After a while, he hears the sound of harpies attacking, so he runs back to the encampment and tells the guard that the harpies are being attacked. The base is quickly sealed off, with archers along the walls, waiting for the coming attackers.

  • When the harpies had attacked I could feel my consciousness slipping away, all my thoughts replaced with an echoing animal instinct: to run. I had to flee, to move away. It was an urge, a need. There were obviously ways to defend your mind from such things, something I had not been taught. I imagined a wall of water surrounding my mind, tried despairingly to call some greater power to deafen my soul, but ultimately my efforts were futile.
    I found myself standing in the woods, my legs aching and my body bearing a number of scratches, presumably from where I ran panicked through the brush. I could hear the chirp of the swamp and the chortling of a distant water fall. I ran first towards the mountains, knowing that our destination lay towards the west. When that direction provided only more scrub, I ran back towards the township we had left, then turning north, and finally running south. When I stopped, panting, I was thoroughly lost.
    I sat glumly on a rock and put my head in my hands. Just as I let out a soft sob, knowing that I would be recalled at any moment and punished for being so weak-minded, I heard voices. Wizard, Medoc and Retsy burst from the bushes. Their staves lowered when they saw it was me, and Medoc moved to support me.
    “Come on.” He said “We’ve been split up from the others, but if we continue towards the encampment, we should join them again before the attack.”
    After walking for hours we finally came to a clearing, where Wizard suggested we stay the night. Retsy looked exhausted, and sat heavily, massaging her feet. I busied myself pitching the hide tent and within a short time we were settled in for the night. I lay wearily on a fur provided by Medoc and slept uneasily.
    My dreams were unsettling, and revolved around the upcoming battle. At first I thought it was nervousness, but the dreams persisted. I woke gasping and covered in sweat. Retsy, too, had been woken; Medoc had his eyes open and only Wizard remained asleep. I looked questioningly at Medoc.
    “It is the work of a mage.” He explained. “The dreams you both are having are a side affect of strong magic. Wizard sleeps because he is trained to block those thoughts, and I am awake only because I felt your fear. We have known that the ruffians new leader was a mage for a few days now, but we still don’t know how strong, or who he is.” Medoc closed his eyes and rolled over.
    I grimaced. Retsy whimpered slightly.?“I don’t like mages.” She declared “But not as much as I hate ruffians.”
    I hesitated for a moment, then hugged her briefly. “Don’t worry,” I said “Wizard and Medoc seem more than able to protect us.”
    Retsy nodded and closed her eyes.
    I spied from my tent the two moons of the land, their strange visage undiminished by roughly clouded skies. The next day, I mused, could well spell the end of my task, and a return to West.

  • The ruffian guard opened the cell door, "Get up, the leader wants to speak with you." Talryn got to his knees and then stood up and walked to the door. If only these chains were a bit shorter that guard would be laying on the ground and i could get out of here, yet i don't even know how i got here. This is probably the best thing to do, assuming i can survive my encounter with this ruffian leader. The guard led Talryn out of the 'dungeon' and up into fresh air. Talryn inhaled deeply, and continued to follow the guard.

    After climbing some stairs, going down various hallways, and taking seemingly random turns; Talryn arrived at the leader's chamber. The guard opened the door shoved Talryn in and quickly closed the door. Talryn stood back up and glanced around, there was a desk full of papers, a dresser, a quite large bed, and a table. Upon further inspection of the papers, there appeared to be runes written in specific ways. The floor was stone and the room was somewhat circular, with a big rug in the center. The person sitting at the table eating, glanced over and got up. "What is your name prisoner?"

    "A better question is, why should I answer, when I don't know who you are?"
    "I am of course the leader of this Ruffian Encampment. You will answer my questions one way or the other..."
    "I highly doubt that you are the leader and I highly doubt I will answer your questions, because of what talk I got from 'your' ruffians, the leader is a mage or a wizard of sorts. You lack the mana for pretty much any casting. Let me speak to the really leader and i will contemplate giving my name."
    A figure step out from behind a doorway, one Talryn overlooked. The figure spoke rather queitly, "You can leave now," the bandit at the table got up and left the room. Talryn turned to face the figure, just as the figure stepped out of the shadows...

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  • Retsy decided no one knew the meaning of the word "miserable" except for her that night. She also decided that no one else was as worried about the other group as she was, because at least no one else was related to someone in the other group.

    After the incident in Kosha, and then those crazy glowing things, Retsy realized things were scarier than she initially thought. And the scariest part was her fellow wanderers; all of whom seemed to be mages or else some kind of dark supernatural creature. Any of them could kill her if they wanted. But she already trusted Wizard because he saved her life in Kosha, and Medoc was nice because he gave her some water during a break earlier when she complained of being thirsty, and she liked Phaedrus because it was due to him that they took so many breaks.

    But Rapierian and Satori were two really scary people, and Retsy only wondered if her brother was still alive.

    Retsy got next to no sleep and woke up with red eyes and a heavy skull.

  • When a fairly large group of ruffians sprang out around them, Rapierian was at first irritated. Enough time had passed since the group had been split up for Rapierian and his group to be less than six hours from the Encampment. They'd been making good time. Now, they'd be delayed.

    His second thought was one of puzzlement: how had so many ruffians managed to sneak up on them?

    His third thought was one of slight worry: he couldn't cast any magic. He tried several times and nothing worked.

    His fourth thought was one of realization: the ruffians had somehow managed to expand the magic dampening effects of Kesh into a magic dampening field. He noticed that two or three of the ruffians were carrying small grey crystals about the size of the Crolna. Those must be the source of the dampening field , he realized.

    However, before he could communicate his realization to the two others with him, something hit him on the back of his head and knocked him unconscious.

    Several hours later, Rapierian opened his eyes and managed to sit up. He looked around and saw that he was in some kind of cell. The bars were made of metal and the cell was quite solidly constructed. It was about the size of an average room that one might find at an inn, except the ceiling was much higher. Looking up, Rapierian noticed that near the ceiling—quite out of his reach—was one of the small grey crystals that he'd noticed earlier. A quick test proved that it was nullifying his magic spells. Obviously, the ruffians had taken him to the Encampment. He wondered whether anyone else in his group had been taken or if the other group had been attacked.

    He sighed and looked around. No one else was in his cell or any of the adjacent cells. If anyone else had been take captive, they were not in the same building as he. He'd just have to break out on his own.

    Rapierian smiled and rubbed his hands together gleefully. This was going to be fun. The last time that he could recall having such fun was imaging the look on Tavara's face when he discovered Rapierian's betrayal of him.

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  • The shining light was harsh and the ground was rather cold, where was I?
    Let me out! worthless maggots, come crawl in your mud.
    The gaol was made from wood and baled flax, it would burn well Satori mused.
    A ruffian threw the hut door open and looked towards me, the man seemed to examine every inch
    searching for dangers. he grunted obviously satisfiyed, and walked away.
    A deep anger seemed to rise from my chest. The mark glowed with a sickly blue light.
    A ruffian yelped with pain somwhere outside "Traitor! he tried to stab me."

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  • “Grr,” Wizard growled in frustration. “Surely this place could not have changed so much since the last time I was here.” He continued to mutter under his breath as he poked his staff in and out of the brush.

    “It’s the woods, Wizard,” Medoc said matter-of-factly.

    Wizard took a few steps forward and disappeared behind a thick layer of branches. The others followed him through the narrow opening. “Even so, I still want to know where I’m going," he replied.

    Retsy looked concerned for a moment before leaning over and whispering behind her hand into Medoc’s ear, “Doesn’t he remember that we’re going to the encampment, or does he have a memory problem?” Meodc stifled a laugh and Wizard glanced back, raising an eyebrow.

    “Yes, well. . .” Wizard returned to poking about with the tip of his staff.

    They traveled for several hours, stopping periodically—more often than Wizard would have liked—to suit Phaedrus. It was now clear to everyone that they would not arrive at the encampment at the same time as the others. . . if the others were still alive.

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  • Rapierian carefully examined the room. The crystal was in a basket that was attached to the top of the ceiling; it didn't seem to be fastened to the basket but merely sitting in it. If he could reach it or throw something at it, he could knock it down. However, there was nothing to stand on that would give him sufficient height to reach the ceiling, nor was there anything to throw at the crystal. Whoever had designed this cell had done so fairly well.

    However, they had forgotten that just because there was nothing useful in the cell that didn't mean that Rapierian himself wasn't carrying anything useful. Of course, the ruffians had searched him and taken his equipment earlier. It seemed that they'd left him with almost nothing of sufficient weight to throw at the crystal—almost nothing.

    He sat down and took off on his black boots. There were much better designed than the average boots that one could buy from the blacksmith, functioning much like alligator boots and being quite light. He raised it over his shoulder, took careful aim at the basket, and threw. It struck the basket with just enough force that it tipped slightly, and the crystal rolled out and fell. The crystal struck the ground and shattered. Rapierian stood for a moment, making sure that no one had heard the sound. When there was no sound from around him, he put his boot back on and tested his magic again.

    It worked! he thought, quite pleased. Of course, there were still many magic blank spots around him and he would have to be careful to avoid entering them.

    He realized that this meant the mage in charge of the ruffians would soon notice that the magic dampening was no longer working in Rapierian's cell and realize what had happened. He'd have to move quickly.

    Rapierian walked over to the cell's lone window. He put his hand on the bars for a moment, and they melted. Quickly, he crawled out and dropped to the ground. Rapierian began to move quickly and as quietly as possible away from the building. The Encampment had apparently been enlarged under its current ruler, and Rapierian couldn't tell whether he was near the edge or center of it. For the moment, it didn't matter.

    Rapierian figured that he had several immediate objectives. The first to retrieve the items that the ruffians had taken from him. The second was see who else had been captured and rescue them. However, he suspected that he'd find his lost items in the process of this second goal, so he made it his top priority. The third was to find out where the ruffians were getting their kesh. He was willing to bet that it must be close. The fourth was to meet up with the rest of the group and figure out how to shut this place down.

  • The Mage leader stood in the light of the room, so Talryn could see. Talryn noticed that the magic damping field was no longer present in the room, of course idiot, why would the leader prevent the use of magic in ones own chamber, when magic is one's greatest strength... Talryn slowly let himself reconnect with the mana surroundings and was able to sense where magic was dampened and where it was free.

    Talryn streached and asked, "So are you going to interigate me now? I really would like to get back to my cell, sense it was so comfortable and felt almost like home..." As Talryn was buying time to rregenerate his mana, he noticed a sudden pocket of magic.

    It wasn't like someone drank a mana potion or began casting a spell, it was more like the damping effect in holding cell across the courtyard simply disappated. Talryn glanced over at a window and noticed the mage also did so...

    crap, if someone with magical abilities just broke out of a cell, this leader just noticed the same thing. That person better hurry up and get out Talryn glanced back to see the mage glance back at him. Oh boy, this is going to be interesting...

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  • “At last!” Retsy said with relief, “We have reached the edge of these horrible woods.”

    “Don’t be too relieved just yet, young one,” Wizard smiled.

    Phaedrus walked beside Retsy, “Before us lies the Great Swamp. We cannot travel through there. No, our path is along the border of the trees until we reach a small clearing somewhere to the south. Then, the encampment should lie directly to the west, somewhere between the mountains and the trees.

    Wizard suddenly held up his hand, signaling silence, “Someone is coming, several someones. Quickly, back into the trees.”

    The four dashed back into the relative cover of the forest and lay in wait. A small force of ruffians, about five, shortly appeared in the open. Wizard could see them all plainly from where he sat.

    The five of them stopped for a moment and one spoke: “The others must be somewhere around here, the Boss said so. Look in the trees, but be careful. If they saw us capture the others, then they’ll know we’re out here somewhere and they’ll be ready.”

    “Wizard, it’s only five. I say we surprise them while we have the chance,” Medoc whispered in Wizard’s ear. As he did so, he was shocked to see the cuts on the sides of Wizard’s face that he had sustained during their last battle at Pynx had reappeared. “I thought you had used your mental disciplines to get rid of those.”

    Wizard put his hand on his cheek, “I had, but the process is not fully complete yet. Still they shouldn’t be showing. Unless. . .” Wizard quietly gasped. “I can’t hear your thoughts or theirs. Something is subduing my powers.”

    “Mine too,” Medoc replied, trying to cast a spell.

    “Excuse me, gentlemen,” Phaedrus crawled between Medoc and Wizard, “but might I suggest that we assume that the gray crystal the lead one is carrying has something to do with the problem.”

    “Hmm, very well. I think I have an idea,” Wizard spoke after a moment.

    The ruffians were poking around in the bushes, “Sir, let’s give up. We’re not going to find them this way.”

    “Then look harder; we know that they’re somewhere along the fringes of the wood. We will find them.”

    Wizard stepped out from the trees, “That won’t be necessary. I’m right here.”

    “indeed,” the lead ruffian said. “And why would you just give up like that?” He moved closer to the forest, “Unless you’re trying to hide something.”

    “I don’t know what you could possibly mean.”

    “Look, we know there are more of you, so come on out, before we hurt your little friend.”

    Phaedrus and Medoc walked out from under their cover. Wizard took a step closer and began to speak again, “Now, sir, who might you be?”

    One ruffian was still looking in the bushes when he shouted, “There’s another one here.” It was Retsy; the plan worked brilliantly. The ruffian’s shout surprised the others and they all glanced to the side for one moment.

    Wizard took advantage of the moment and flung his staff at the lead ruffian’s head with as much force as his physical body could muster. The blow successfully knocked it’s target over. Then the three charged their enemies.

    Medoc was the first to reach the crystal that lay on the ground. He struck it with the end of his staff shattering it. The cuts down Wizard's face dissipated. After that point, the battle was very brief. Phaedrus tackled one to the ground, and Retsy threw a rock at another. Medoc began to fend the others off with his staff. Wizard, calling his staff to him, lifted his hand and gestured. The lead ruffian disappeared as he was instantly flung into the heart of the swamp.

    There were no further distractions once they had dealt with the small band of ruffians. They traveled for another half-hour before the ruffian stronghold was in sight where stopped for a moment to decide what their next course of action would be

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  • Talryn studied the mage leader closely. He was a tall man, wrapped in a brown cloak. The hood of this cloak covered his face so that Talryn couldn't quite make out its features in the dim light. For a moment, he turned his back to Talryn, calling for the guards.

    "One of the prisoners has escaped," he told them when they had arrived. "He was in that cell across the courtyard. It's that wretched dark arts mage. Find him!"

    The guards bowed and hurried out to carry out his instructions. The mage started to turn back to Talryn, and Talryn made his move...

    Rapierian carefully made his way around the encampment, carefully avoiding the magic-dampening fields generated by the crystals. He knew this was what the ruffians would expect him to do and it would make him easier to find; however, he also knew that if he entered those spots he'd completely defenseless. He had met two or three ruffians during his trek, but they'd been easily and quickly disposed of.

    A cursory examination revealed that the ruffians had done much work on the encampment, increasing its size and strength. In its very center, there now stood a large fortress—Rapierian's cell had been in its courtyard. There were a few huts that he guessed functioned as jails and they seemed to be near the center of the camp, and only lightly guarded. (He had been in a different kind of cell in a different location, so he guessed that all the group members might be spread out like this.) Rapierian knew that would change soon. He had only a few moments at most to make his move. Uncertain who was in what hut, he decided just to guess and picked one at random. Quickly, he formed his plan.

    Turning around, he went back to the bodies of the ruffians that he'd earlier killed and set to work. Within moments, he had two or three skeletons raised. Working swiftly, he managed to arrange the dead ruffian's clothes on one the skeletons so that from a distance it would look like Rapierian. This one he sent to running off in plain sight the other way. He heard yells and running feet signifying that the ruffians had seen him. Now, the patrols hunting him would head the wrong way for at least a few minutes.

    Rapierian worked his way around the huts until he was behind one. His ruse seemed to have worked. There were only two or three guards. The magic-dampening field was in place here, but that didn't matter for his plans. He sent his two remaining skeletons charging into the open. The ruffians looked up in shock, and one screamed.

    When the skeletons hit the field, Rapierian lost control of them. However, this didn't really matter because when summoned minions gained freedom from their master they almost always went berserk. Such was the case here. The crazed skeletons fell upon the ruffians and tore them to pieces. Then, they ran to meet the ruffians who had been aroused by the commotion.

    In this confusion, Rapierian made his way to the door of the hut—stopping to pick up his staff and the keys from one of the dead ruffians—opened the door and motioned to the person inside. Recognizing him, the person got up and followed him out. They quickly escaped the magic-dampening field and fled the area.

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  • Talryn had really begun to call on the mana surrounding him in the chamber once the guards had entered the room. By the time the leader refocused his attention on Talryn, Talryn was ready to cast. It was a simple spell, that put the leader to sleep. Talryn walked over to the sleeping figure and searched for an amulet or possible control crystal of some sort. He found none. Since he was rushed for time, he stopped searching and went over to the desk examining scrolls.

    Talryn heard the noise of bandits yelling that they had found the prisoner. Less than a minute later, he heard the scream of a dying man. Talryn saw a piecie of paper that had to do with the crystal, grabbed it, and went over to the doorway he overlooked. He followed a staircase that led to a room on the bottom floor. Finding nothing of interest, he went back to a window on the stair case and climbed out. The drop was around fifteen feet. After he recovered from his momentary stun. He looked over to see a skeleton to turn towards him. The skeleton picked up the weapon off of the dead bandit and took a step forward...

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  • Toreon's sleep was disturbed by quite a bit of screaming and running around. With his mind as clear as the haze hovering near the ceiling, Toreon decided whatever chaos was going on outside wasn't his business; and he should try to get some more sleep. It wasn't long, however, before he was disturbed again; this time by someone breaking into his cell.

    Toreon jumped off his bench upon recognizing Rapierian and followed him out. Once out of the building, Toreon could see the chaos that was happening. Ruffians were running in every direction, some were yelling at each other or waving their arms in morse code. Rapierian seemed to know what he was doing and purposfully lead Toreon in a seemingly random direction.

    Rapierian stopped along the wall of one of the nameless buildings, waiting for a group of running ruffians to clear. Amongst all the screaming Toreon decided it would be appropriate to whisper. "What was it?" he asked Rapierian. "That sleepy stuff? What did they do to me?"

    "What?" Rapierian asked halfmindedly, beginning the brisk pace again.

    "What-" Toreon began, but was distracted by more screaming. Across from them now was a building on which this side had no windows or doors. Seven ruffians were pounding on the wall with their fists and screaming as though they wished to be let in.

    The two kept on going, Rapierian occasionally stopping to kill a ruffians that had strayed the chaos herd. Toreon stole a sword from one of the dead ruffians and used it to look scary. They both continued onward.

  • Well under the safety of the trees, Medoc, Phaedrus, Retsy, and Wizard discussed tactics.

    “The way I see it, we have two options. One is to wait for the others to show up —” Wizard began before he was interrupted by Medoc.

    “The others may not ‘show up,’ Wizard. Remember what that ruffian said about capturing them.” Retsy shuddered after Medoc finished his statement.

    Wizard placed his hand on Retsy’s shoulder and continued, “That’s true, and that brings us to the second option. We can, through some method or other, infiltrate the encampment and free the others.”

    There was a pause before Phaedrus spoke, “Is there a third?”

    Everyone smiled at the remark, even Retsy.

    “I would really like to get back to my cell, since it was so comfortable and felt almost like home. . .” Talryn stalled

    A young man sat in the room next to the one that Talryn was in, listening to the conversation he was having with the cloaked figure.

    “Guards! One of the prisoners has escaped. . . Find him!” shouted the man from underneath the cloak. He turned back to Talryn just in time to be on the receiving end of spell that induces sleep. Talryn searched him.

    The man in the adjoining room did nothing but slap his forehead against his palm and shake his head repeatedly. After Talryn had climbed out a window, the exasperated man slowly walked into the other room. “Fool!” he shouted as he slapped the unconscious form across the face to awaken him.

    The man in the cloak awoke with a start, “Wha-, wher-, What did I do wrong?”

    The other figure did not respond for a moment with anything other than a displeased look. “He has escaped you, the necromancer has escaped you, and now I feel that another prisoner is being freed as well. Find them all , or I won’t be responsible for what I do.” The man turned to leave, which greatly relieved the other. He stopped on his way out for a moment, “Oh, yes, if you check your desk, you will find that one of the papers on the Kesh crystals is missing. Retrieve it.”

    He left the room, his robe trailing behind him.

    “Our best hope is probably number two. If we stay out here too long, then we’ll lose our advantage: we know where they are, but they don’t know where we are,” Medoc explained his view. Wizard nodded, “I agree. What about you two?”

    Phaedrus and Retsy glanced at each other. Phaedrus spoke first, “I think I’d rather be attacking them than twiddling my thumbs until we are attacked.”

    Retsy was silent. “Retsy, have you no opinion?” Wizard inquired. She sighed and then said abruptly, “I just want to know if my brother is safe and where he is. If he’s still out there and hasn’t been caught, we should wait for him. If not, and he is in captivity, then I want to free him.”

    “Maybe there’s something we can do about that. . .” Wizard closed his eyes and his mind began to probe around as much as he could. He sat hushed and still for almost a minute before opening his eyes again. “There are many areas that I cannot see because they are guarded by some kind of magic inhibitors, much like what we encountered when we fought those ruffians. It’s odd though, I can still sense something through it, and it is not what I expected. There’s a universal feeling of fear and, in general, pandemonium. This may be a good time to strike even if the Rapierian, your brother, and Satori haven’t been captured.”

    He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. “But somehow, I think that Rapierian is involved in the chaos. It’s never hard to track a necromancer: look for the most chaotic, sadistic, corrupted, and twisted thing you can find and chances are that it was caused by a master of the dark arts.”

    “I’ll agree with most of that, but we have a more pressing problem.” Medoc said with concern. “How are we going to get into the encampment? They’ve expanded it; it looks more like a stronghold now than an encampment.”

    Wizard’s gaze became grave, “I imagine that’s exactly what it’s supposed to look like.”

    “Well, I could try to pick the lock to one of their doors, but it’s not like we can just waltz in,” Phaedrus seemed to think aloud.

    “I may have a solution,” Wizard announced. “I have often wondered if telekinesis was not more powerful than telepathy. . .”

    “What do you mean?” Retsy asked. Then she suddenly lost her balance. When she looked down to catch herself she was shocked to see that she was standing on nothing, her feet dangling at least a foot off the ground.

    “That’s what I mean.”

    As soon as they had found a corner of the structure that was virtually hidden by the trees, Wizard stood still for a moment and the four began to levitate. When they had reached the height of the wall, he was ready to send them over and down, but he realized he had made a dire mistake. The magic-dampening fields were in place in this corner.

    Oh well, he thought, I don’t know that it won’t work until I try. He focused as much as he could on getting the others safely down. The magic field was very strong.

    Retsy came within a mere foot or two of the ground, Phaedrus and Medoc were but a few yards. Wizard was still floating, concealed under the trees, at the height of the wall, when he ventured to close and lost his power. Everybody fell. Wizard had been the highest, and, coincidentally, made the loudest thump when he struck the ground.

    They all laid moaning for a few moments, all except Retsy. She was up immediately. They were on the northwest corner of the stronghold, hidden from the rest of the encampment by a solitary structure that looked like a prison cell.

    “Maybe some of them are in there,” Retsy said as she helped Wizard to his feet.

    Wizard limped a few steps, “Could be, although —” There came a sudden scream. They peered around the cell-like structure and saw a disturbing sight: a skeleton tearing into a ruffian.

    “Well, we know Rapierian’s free. There’s a good chance he may be with Toreon and Satori. Come, we must find them,” Wizard said almost cheerfully, though he still limped his way toward the skeleton.

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  • Rapierian was in an extremely good mood. His skeletons were far exceeding his expectations; for some reason, the ruffians hadn't banded together and killed them. Most of them had started to run in circles screaming, although Rapierian couldn't imagine why.

    One would think that these people have never seen animated skeletons. . .but hasn't everybody? Rapierian thought to himself. He thought of stopping to ask Toreon but decided against it.

    Idly, he reached out and grabbed one of the ruffians that had come too close in his frantic running. Rapierian clamped his hand over the man's mouth and proceeded to suck the life out of him as he done earlier when they had found Phaedrus. He dropped the body and continued on his way; he wasn't quite certain what his plan was but decided that he best capitalize on this chaos and try to free someone else.

    Abruptly, Rapierian sensed a magic spell at the limit of his senses and stopped, and Toreon almost ran into him.

    "What is it?" Toreon whispered.

    "I'm not certain," replied Rapierian after a moment. "I think that that crazy, old Wizard has entered the encampment, probably with the others and probably over the walls."

    "Do you know where they are?" Toreon asked, relieved at the prospect of seeing his sister again.

    "Not quite but probably headed in the same direction as us. If we continue the same way, we should meet."

    Rapierian didn't mention that it was not Wizard that had caused him to stop. He had "smelled" something most unusual and had no idea what it was. (Like most other mages, dark mages had the ability to sense magic and spells cast by others, but some of them also had the ability to "smell" magic.) Rapierian continued to ponder this mystery as he and Toreon made their way toward the same corner of the Encampment that Wizard and the rest had just arrived at.

    The skeleton charged Talryn. Unarmed and not quite certain what else to do, Talryn jumped to the side. The skeleton struck the wall and, weakened by its previous battles, crumpled into dust. Talryn stared at it a moment, shrugged, grabbed its weapon, and ran off.

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  • Talryn dropped the weapon, as it stung a bit. From the chaos, Talryn concluded that the skeletons were not from the bandits, but from someone else who is attacking. He saw a figure at the opposite side of the courtyard fall down, but didn't really think anything of it. The courtyard its self, had practically no real damping fields in the center, so Talryn headed for it.

    Once in the center, Talryn begun casting a modified druidic spell. Storm clouds begun to form over the encampment and then ground started to vibrate a little, only enough to baerly move a pebble. Some bandits noticed a figure attempting to cast a spell, and tried to make their way over in the chaos. A strange circular symbol glowed on the ground, about the half of the size of the courtyard. Some bandits stopped runing around aimlessly and wondered what was going on.

    As Talryn continued to channel his spell, a ruffian drew within 15 feet. The vibrating grew, and rain began to fall. A small breeze expanded out wards from where Talryn was standing. The breeze slowly grew stronger and became like shockwaves. The ruffian was within 7 feet of Talryn when the shockwaves begun to push the ruffian back. After the second one hit him, he lost his balance due to the vibrating ground. Talryn fell to one of his knees as the strain of the spell.

    The magic damping fields in the courtyard were limiting the effect of the spell, but the effects could still be felt. Talryn fell to both knees and had to put one of his hands down. By the time the spell was done channeling, Talryn fell over unconscious. The spell last for a couple of more minutes. The ground was completely muddy, making it hard to keep one's balance. The rain continued to fall for that part was not depenedent on mana.


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