Here, there be Ruffians

  • My post is now up.

    Dark Jet, instead of making you edit your post, Selax and I decided to make the man that you put to sleep sort of a second in command. The real mage leader is the man who was eavesdropping from the next room. That works well anyways, because we thought it would add more interest to the story if the entire group believes that the cloaked man, the second, is the actual leader. There is also a possibility that the mage leader will survive this TS, so your post may help to do that.

    Here's a brief description of the two:

    • Master Altérius - The cloaked figure and second in command. He is middle-aged man who was once a mage studying at Pynx, but he hungered after power more than was healthy for him. In an attempt to turn himself into a fire golem, he horribly scarred his entire body, which is why he hides under a cloak and hood. After that, he was thrown out of the monasterium. He spent a considerable amount of years living off the land in various locations on the island of Cythera. Eventually, though, he turned to drink to try to drown his sorrows. Some way or other he made connections with ruffians and became addicted to kesh. With the recent resurfacing of the intoxicant, he has joined the ruffians, and being familiar with magic, was promoted to second rank. For a little bit, the group is going to think that this man is the ruffian leader.

    • The leader is largely at this point unknown. We think that he'll be a reasonably young man, mid-30's, with a hard face and a look that seems to see straight through a person. It is also unknown when he will be unveiled to the group.

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  • I posted. I also dealt with the skeleton, Dark Jet; please let me know if there are any changes that you would like me to make to that part of my post.

  • @selax_bot, on Oct 6 2006, 02:18 PM, said in Here, there be Ruffians:

    I noticed a while ago—I forget when—that there is a Cythera group on Yahoo. Does anyone still frequent it?

    Don't think so. I've got it set to e-mail me any new posts there, and all I ever seem to get from it is spam.

  • There's a Cythera Group on Yahoo?

    Maybe someone should post a bunch of details up about it, and I'll make it a sticky.

  • I don't much about it other than that it is in the Cythera weblinks.

    Was it fairly busy at some point or has it always been somewhat inactive?

    I will probably post on the TS either today or tomorrow, by the way.

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  • It's never been active since I discovered it, back when I was regular poster. I think I've seen one genuinely Cythera related message there in all that time.

  • I hope my post isn't confusing. I was trying to switch between the cloaked man, who's name is Master Altérius, the group, and the ruffians that retrieve Satori. The last bit is just a part placing the real ruffian leader in his hut quietly reading. It's intended to put him out of the way for now so that the group can deal with Altérius and still think he's the ruffian leader.

    Oh, and about the Yahoo! group: I've checked it a couple of times and found nothing there but spam.

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  • I'm going to be incommunicado for a couple of days, so I won't be able to progress things with Sideline for a bit. If anyone else thinks of a way to use him, go ahead. I have no forward plans for this story, so you won't interfere with anything. Just don't kill him, OK? ;)

  • wait whats the difference between "Master Altérius" and Altérius? they are both spelled the same..

  • I'm not certain, but Wizard probably has some sort of answer. By the way, I intend to post either today or tomorrow.

  • @dark-jet_bot, on Oct 27 2006, 11:42 PM, said in Here, there be Ruffians:

    wait whats the difference between "Master Altérius" and Altérius? they are both spelled the same..

    There's no difference, they're both Altérius. The reason I use them differently is because the ruffians that serve him call him "Master," but for normal purposes, he is simply Altérius.

  • k, ill wait for you to go... :D

    I was thinking, since talryn more or less tapped into Satori's spell, that the curse would have some of its effect. To the extent of what/how Talryn will wake up/act i don't know yet...


  • Well just some input from myself.
    First off Darkjet, for a suggestion for how Talryn could wake up.
    is that considering that Satori is completely consumed by rage.
    that for the fact that you took some of that rage, that you could act like a lesser Satori thats if you get my drift.
    as in you would be able to project hatred like satori but in a lesser form or mabye that you dont think straight and mistake friends as enemys. anywho thats just a suggestion.

    second off. I think that we should begin to get near the ending of this T.S
    short T.S's are good casue then you can go ahead and start another one.
    I was thinking along the lines of the group enters the odd building. finds theres nothing there?
    then possibly move onto the bunkers and find the Master there the fake leader that is, and then
    they get ambushed or somthin like that. anyway its all just an idea.
    and i will probly post in the T.S soonish

  • I like your suggestion. Talryn's curse could possibly let him cast/project hatered, but i think I like the confusing enemies for friends part. That could get quite interesting escpecially after he was brainwashed by the DK into thinking that his friends were his enemies...

    Oh and I really like how this TS is going, don't know how to really discribe the difference between this and the last one though.


  • Actually, I think that the TS is getting quite close to ending.

    Here's my idea for how the rest of the story could go (Remember that this is not set in stone: feel free to throw in your own twists and ideas so long as they don't prolong the TS too much):

    They enter the building and find the source of the kesh.

    They make a deal with the occupants of the building and producers of the kesh (you'll see how this is possible in my post).

    By this time, Altérius has gathered the rest the ruffians and has surrounded the building. The group, working with the occupants of the building, attack and defeat the ruffians, killing Altérius.

    Realizing that Altérius wasn't strong enough to have led the ruffians, they start to search the Encampment for the real leader before he can escape. They catch up to him, fight him, and presumably kill him.

    Then, they all head back to Cademia.

    I think that this could take perhaps a week or two more, if that much. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

    (Remember, this is only a suggestion itself.)

  • I am hoping to get a post up tomorrow sometime. Been a bit hard to post lately with exams.

  • As i kind of explain in my OOC, my post to setting up what Talryn will do in a few posts. I encourge someone to go back through and stick in some dialouge. Also feel free to go in more depth with the beginning of the fight and drag it out some more before Talryn stands in the door way.

    I took part of Pippin 3's suggestion. What Talryn will be casting is a mix between Satori projecting hatered and a couple of druidic spells. Wizard, after he starts going on his rampage, you might possibly want to knock him out or try to assist Talryn in regaining his sensibility. Oh and expanding on Talryn's curse: Dependng on who Talryn helps with a spell, even if it is a brief moment, he could more or less gain an alter ego that acts like this person. In this case, Satori.

    Have fun,

  • Satori, great post. The only thing that probably should've been changed is that the storm combined with the fear that Rapieran was invoking started to overcome what the mage was casting to keep them calm. That and i was hoping atleast a fourth of the horde would've been wiped out by Talryn's rampage. Don't change it till selax gives his bit of advice.

    Im happy either way though.

  • Well, I have several concerns and comments, but I'm going to refrain from posting in the TS or saying anything until I have had a chance to talk with Wizard. I will note that it seems kind of abrupt and that more perhaps should've been and could still be made of the ruffian leader (the second mage). There are also several loose ends and such (such as what happened to cache's character Sideline or to the harpies and their eggs) that either I or Wizard will need to tie up.

    I may edit this later, but right now I am going to try finish up my chron and perhaps bump the Tavern. I encourage everybody to join in the Tavern when this TS is done.

  • good points and all, as i said i was unsure of the post myself. but if you want to your welcome to grab my post edit it and then post it again, i wont mind or anything. and also i was thinking that possibly sidline could have escaped down the trapdoor

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