Iron Mine

  • This probably is old to everybody else but I just cant complete the investigate iron mine quest. What do I do?
    I talk to that guy in cademia about it, then I find that ghost dude. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

  • I don't remember for sure, but I think you're supposed to tell a member of House Attis about it.

    but I can't remember if I ever managed to complete it.

  • When the ghost dude talked, could you understand him?

  • you need the mage first, and get the ability to speak metic, or whatever, then go back to Attis.
    but that is a side mission, really the point is to get the ability to converse, to get the tenth book from the... follow another plot...involving Lindus

  • Ghost dude is a seldane (not a spoiler, as it says "seldane" on him).

    Talk to Thuria in Cademia (in the huge house with the busy and impatient workers) about the seldane/ghost dude and everything else you found. The mission should complete, though it's useless, it's really just meant to lead you to the Seldane.

    Go to Sabinate in the cave under LKH if you haven't already and talk to him until he teaches you his language. Only first you have to put the disks on the things next to the altar. Then go back to Jhi--er...the seldane/ghost in the iron mine and talk to him in depth since after that you can't talk to him for a while.

    EDIT: 400th POST!!! What's a Tiga?

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  • @buzzzzy_bot, on Dec 6 2006, 10:55 AM, said in Iron Mine:

    EDIT: 400th POST!!! What's a Tiga?

    Who really knows, Buzzzzy? (I hope I got the right number of z's there.) :unsure:

  • Yeah, just like Satu and Dua.

    BTW, there's four Zs.

  • Yes, but unless you count them with the cursor, six can look like four. The Zs, I mean.

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