OSX frezing?

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    OSX seemsto hav ea problem of freezing, especially when conversation screens come up, or in transitition from country to cavern, I hav ea solution of X users running classic in the backround.
    through trial and error I discovered if you do the force quit command (command, option, escape), the game stops adn takes you back to the X screen. If you do the command and move the force quit box around it will "white-out" the screen adn then go the the OSX desktop, and if you hit hte red button (close), the force quit goes away, Cythra re-loads with a refreshed screen in whatever place you stuck (frozen) in. The other option is to close the force quit box right away and the game will snap to X desktop and then go back to the Cythera. I jsut wanted to throw that out there for X users suffering. It makes the game run a little more smoothly than just quitting and repoening.

  • What about command-tab, and then force quit twice on the dock? That's how I always did it, though I don't have Cythera on my iMac anymore as I play it on my old PowerMac now.

  • I've never had that problem, ever, and neither have my dad or sister, who are also avid Cythera fans.

  • I've never really had any problems with Cythera in OS X, mainly because I use Sheepshaver instead of Classic.

  • I use classic, and it takes so long to boot up, I haven't played Cythera for... gosh, ages... ALMOST TWO WEEKS! faints

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