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    The pleasing odor of Cademia, from the smelting iron of the mint and far off blacksmith, various fruits and meats from the market, to the distant revilry of drunken partyiers in the Two Tailed. With music of the lounge and locksmith, reagal and honoralble business of the east. The world seemed in ballance. The streets were red as clay, which became wet and dangerous muddy messes in the winter months. The great tapastries of the tryants stuck out to our grand heros. a party with no more fear than a twenty-year-old who struts the city streets. Life goes on and the honor/corruption relationship of the houses continues to brim. If the party had not been made of the best guards from all houses this would not matter, but as things stood...

  • Somtheing, one odity struck all travlers moving through cademia, the strange omnipotent presence. From walkning the streets at night, doing battle with the worst villans, and trying to keep a lid on the ever escalating violence, somthing was driving these pawns, they would be back, or others would replace them. The city had no means of recieving any payoff. Crime and corruption were rampant, the sewers even had more rats. What was the world coming to? As if the sudden corpses hidden under a giant mushroom had not unnerved our followers enoulgh, Cademia was a large maze of a town designed to distract from the real power, the real forces guiding the problems, this was why we had come... to end it, to draw forth, like the poision from a wound the very corruption which so plagues the very life of Cademia, all houses agreed something was terribly wrong.

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  • Three days in Cademia, and no sign of anything unusual, the average ruffians, but nothing out of the daily life. I wonder though why, how could people stand such horrific problem, a overpopulation of vagabonds, and beggars by day, and terrible ruffians by night! waht is this all leading to? As the lot of us moved through the city we saw a small hoard of rats, but made short work of them, unfortunatly one of the guards is now poisoned, the result is draining an alredy strained supply of Unguent, our swords strengthened by obsidion, and sour sperits raised by sperits. our revelry was disturbed however, comma, by a shaking noise, deep in the catacombes of Cademia. As we moved across teh streets to check is somebody was hurt, one of the guards almost fell into a cravass, waht luck. Perhaps we will fight harpies or deamons, O' what a world.

  • Suddenly, from the crevass, a low moaning sound was heard, unlike anything the travellers had ever heard before, one of despair and longing, yet somehow terrorfying. The band shyed away, unwilling to investigate, except the bravest. He unwound his rope from around his pack, tyed it to a rocky outcrop, then flung the rope over the side. Slowly he let himself down into the depths...

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