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    Hi All,
    I was just thinking what if... Cythra2 (which would work on X), were to allow multi island transit...and see Alaric's island. In the intro he talks about the people sailing and watching their enemy die, but they never let ya' go teo the island. SO perhaps AMbrosia could allow for a plot advancment in that direction. Any other suggestion? (come on I know you got em').

    and away (supreman music here). :cool:

  • Yeah, there's all these tiny islands around the place that you can't get to. Cythera 2 might also give you the reason for the whole comana-omen-tavara-pelagon mystery.

  • hmmm, I wonder if foods more foods could be added, and tehe length of time which any food keep you fed... for instance I am personally less satiated by grapes than say roasted haunch. Or say food goes bad after a couple of days... more realistic. perhaps (like in Avernum), getting drunk is a side effect of alchol. or like how RUffians appear in the maze, add random characters with items during the day. selling say picks, or shovels, hmmmm

  • Your followers do get drunk if you have a lot of drinks, but it only lasts a few seconds @_@

  • yeah but it dosen't say affect speech. by the way...what is the signifigance of BreadWorldMercy title. hmmm...I wonder if a spell to allow short-term flight could be allowed.hmmmm

  • Hmm? What are you asking me?

    Anywayz, why stop at one sequel? There ought to be a dozen sequels; the first with inter-island transit, the second with getting drunk and flying. . . This is fun ^_^ Maybe we should make up the plotlines as well. . .

  • Yeah! We could write ourselves in as characters! I would be a seriously zany storyteller, i think. It sounds about right for me.

  • I would be a double-agent.

    And how about a Cythera Extreme if we have a dozen sequels? People attacking you for no reason and trees falling down...

  • Rofl, I love it! And the ability to swim through water or climb mountains. Or the ability to fish, now that would be really weird o.0

  • oh yeah, so cool! how about being able to free climb that annoying crack in cademia?

  • Haha, how about being able to buy land, run a farm or guild or sometning. I suppose that would kill the impartiality, perhaps Alaric could be kidnapped or somthing, and you need to boat, fly, climb, and do battle with evil vililans.hmmm Perhaps more NPC's too. I would liek kto have a Seldane on my side, hmmm

  • I'd like to know what happened to Larisa, and what she found that led to her disappearance.

  • People, please use proper grammar. Read what you wrote before posting it.

    Anyway, a sequel to Cythera would be awesome.

  • How about a spell that makes people (or you) fly? And the veil spells as well.

  • I was being honest, but a good res-edit might be able to generate items with said capacitites. I would never want such a thing... oooo, finals gtg

  • Wouldn't work, unlike EV, Cythera is not made for pluggins and all the data is incoded with no templates.

  • Hey, but I'm going to high school next year! My coughbeastlycough teacher will be left behind, and the pesky homework! Then I will donate my life to the TSs!

  • hey, wow, now we have middleschool Kiwis. haha. Try having to write seven page, singel space, 9. text size, in times font, teachers make too much woork for themselves... and then blame the students yahugkh. and oi! happy holiday's all I cant read posts over break (I wonder what Cythran winter would look like?). If Cythra changed to winter, could the caves contain yettes (sic). or Hey what about a fruitcake, which could 50% of the time create fear, or poison, or somethiing? that would be fun.

    edit: didn't read my post before posting...sigh

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  • where've you gotten the fruitcake from? and anyway, yetis would be in the mountain passes, not the caves.
    And as for the seven page writing, I've written small pause while I go and check 15 and a half pages, with no margin, in size 16 font, taking up another pause 7 and a half pages in size 9 font, just for fun. And I haven't finished it yet by a long way! The 15 and a half pages took me a month to write.

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  • HA- I did mine in one night...well until the next moring. Cythera isin't abot competeing, so I got the fruitcake, from the palmigranites (I know thats wrong) and grapes, I asume there must be some sugar item, and so fruitcake. Plus the Yettis need to sleep somewhere. therefore, the caves, I cant think o fany passes in Cythera at High elevation, but I wonder if wolves or something could replace the Unicorns, and Titans by bears. RAWWWR. Thus some good Cytheran dreams, and of course, snow.

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