Stuff I still haven't found (spoilers!!)

  • Okay... here's an assortment of things I haven't yet pounded my head against hard enough to figure out. =) Any help is appreciated.

    1. How do you get to the hydra and the tantalizing glowing sword in the Temple of Scylla? I know of the secret door in the little fountain room, but can't figure out how to open it...

    2. Is there anywhere a comprehensive list of Sapphire Books? I've found eight, and am having a bear of a time finding the last two. Here are the ones I can list that I remember:

    (1) in the workroom under Cademia, guarded by a golem
    (2) in Prusa's hands
    (3) in Itanos' hands, in Kosha
    (4) in the workroom under Abydos, guarded by a demon
    (5) in the hands of the Seldane Unhayt
    (6) from the rustic hard-of-hearing dude in Catamarca (he runs the
    Citadel), hidden under his bed
    (7) in the LandKing hall, in Alaric's workroom to the NW
    (8) I can't even remember where I found this one. =)

    If anyone can add to this list, please, please do.


    1. There's a lever hidden somewhere that opens a secret door. If I remember correctly, it's across the room from an obvious lever.

    (8) There's one in Pnyx on the top floor in a desk in one of the dorm rooms.
    (9) Buried in sand far south of Odemia.
    (10) In the castle at Cademia.

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