How far?

  • How far can an unregistered user go in cythera?

    I've rescued that odemian chick, learnt magic and ive cured the plague and found that crystal.
    I was wondering if its possible to get further than that without registering?

    P.S. Its great to see the cytheran community isnt dead.

  • OH MY TURTLE, ANOTHER NEWBIE! Welcome! ^_^ Yes, it is possible to go farther. I'm trying to remember exactly how far you can go. . . (SPOILER WARNING) You may have noticed in a cave there's a weird square wall thingie blocking off a hole? These walls are supposed to be broken with the crystal (you'd need two pieces, the second of which you cannot get in the unregistered version), but these walls can also be fetched away. Fetch is a necessary replacement in at least one other area of the unregistered version, though I'm probably forgetting others. . . (END SPOILER)

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    ** You could also, concievably, use remote manipulation on the hole. Although, yes, Fetch is essencial to getting far in the unregistered game. You can complete most of it, actually, but you can only obtain two shards of the crolna out of the four. ****<

    Oh, and welcome to the boards.

  • hmmm
    how do i get the second piece of the crolna?
    and what is fetch?

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  • Welcome to the boards! Fetch is a rather cool spell in which you can destroy things, such as doors, portucullisis and anything moveable, but not people or walls.


    In the unregistered version, you can use it on rockpiles to get further in the game, such as the one in one of the caves, i can't remember which.

  • @crazychick_bot, on Dec 4 2006, 08:50 PM, said in How far?:

    Fetch is a rather cool spell in which you can destroy things

    Even entire cities! It's the Cytheran equivalent of a fission bomb.

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  • @cache22_bot, on Dec 4 2006, 07:18 PM, said in How far?:

    Even entire cities! It's the Cytheran equivalent of a fission bomb.

    sounds cool
    what casting level does it take and how do i get it?

  • Fetch is in the sixth degree hall, if that's what you mean. The point of the spell, supposably, is to move objects into your inventory; but it doesn't work, and the items merely disappear. Quite useful ^^ As far as the other crolna piece. . . (SPOILER WARNING!) Think Seldane ^~ (END SPOILER)

  • The second and fourth can't be gotten, but if you use fetch and be patient you can get the third in the


    portal (can't remember which) in the Seldane city, and use the half disks from Magpie and Sabinate on the pedastels or whatever and go down the stairs and use fetch on each two sections of the force walls. Very tiresome, but well worth it.

    And you can't learn special magic (Alchemy, Runes, Healing) in demo, as well as you can't get the second and fourth shards of the crolna since the fourth requires the first three and Lindus won't tell Timon about your crystal and he won't talk to you so he won't give you his and therefore you can't get the first three, only one and three. You can, with fetch, however talk to charax by getting the book in the cove and fetching the rockpile. But then he gets stuck and Sabinate won't give you the mushrooms to get Charax unstuck.

  • BreadWorldMercy, what did you mean by "OH MY TURTLE!" ? It sounds... unusual.

  • Fetching the rockpile is necessary? I thought if you asked the judge in Kosha about the dead dude, it would go away by itself? I probably have that mixed up. . .
    And I have a habit of putting a random word after "oh my-" to make an exclamation. My friend came up with turtle though ^_^

  • In the demo, I think fetching is neccessary, though I forgot. My old PowerMac keeps crashing.

  • **


    **No, you just need to Talk about Idominious with the Judge in Kosha, and the rockpile will disappear the next time you encounter it. Fetch is only needed to get at the crolna shard in the Maayti Ruins. ****

  • How do you need fetch for that? Cythera came registered on my computers, unless back in the mists of time my dad registered it. But I've finished it and he hasn't!

  • In the event that your are possibly saving up for Cythera 2. (which is probably not true), register the game and when Cythera X comes out, you can play it on a newer computer with out the hassel.

    It would be a lot better if you registered Cythera rather than tried to completely max out what you can do in the demo, it would also save more time.


  • I'm saving up, but it's not coming out! waaaaah!

  • Cythera 2 probably wont end up being made by ambrosia, unless It jumps to life and smacks ambrosia in the face. What might happen though is those on this board that have programing knowledge, ban together and create the basics of it, present that to ambrosia, and then they take it, refine and sell its for $30.

  • Quote

    I've rescued that odemian chick, learnt magic and ive cured...

    funny I couldn't learn magic (in the demo)

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  • @dark-jet_bot, on Dec 12 2006, 03:16 AM, said in How far?:

    What might happen though is those on this board that have programing knowledge...

    I once created a program that converted kilometres into miles. But that was years ago and my dad helped.

  • I know a bit about programming and I have a friend who is one.

    Hey, there's a spoiler tag now! Sweet.


    Blah blah blah. Black text on black bg. Blah blah blah. Testing, 1, 2, 3!!!!

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