cure for the land king

  • ( 1st question from a new member )


    I came across this game on my old's ancient mac CD's
    and i like it very much

    i've gone a long way in a few days but
    i wonder what you need to cure the land king?

    And who will come with me besides Hector?
    How do you make money?

    thank you

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  • Hello Turak! Welcome to the boards. First off, Cythera takes time. Go visit some towns and find some quests. You can make money by killing ruffians or doing certain quests, like selling flax. Level up your character and get stronger.

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  • WELCOME! ^^^ Just keep going after the tasks on your to-do list. And there are three other people who're willing to follow you around and bug you, if you want ^_^

  • Since it is generally understood that you want some (at least) minor spoilers when you ask a question about the game, let me reply more usefully to you.

    Your first question is pretty much impossible to answer without a walkthrough of the game - it is your primary goal, after all. If you really want a walkthrough, Slayer's Guide to Cythera can do a better job than me of giving it to you. It also has other resources.

    As to your second question, you can be joined by (in addition to Hector), Aethon, Meleager, and Timon. Aethon can be found in Cademia, Meleager on the bridge near Cademia, and Timon in the ruins to the northeast of Pnyx. Timon will join you only after you have registered the game.

    As to making money - ruffians are generally fairly poor, but if you find a good concentration of them (like their encampments, which can be found in various places inland on Cythera) you can make out pretty well. You can also make money trading. Hebe in Odemia will buy flax, and there is a flax farm on Cythera that sells it.

    Also, the tip "Just keep going after the tasks on your to-do list" is very good advice in general.

    Enjoy the game!

  • Hey there Turak! Welcome to the boards! There are also some cool tricks you can find about making money in Slayer's Guide, such as replicating diamonds.

    Aethon and Melager are pretty funny - they don't get on and call each other names. And Aethon is not exactly what one would call honest. He has an alias, which is mentioned somewhere on the boards but i can't be botherd to find it and I've forgotten what it is.

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  • Although most of the questions have already been answered, I'd like to add that a good way to make money is to find the Tomb of the Second Tyrant (the Beggar in Kosha mentions this and gives a clue, I believe). I believe there's also a buried treasure chest in Cademia somewhere. (I won't give exact specifics on these to avoid spoiling things for you, but if you wish to know more feel free to ask. I think that Slayer's Guide gives the exact locations of both of these objects.)

    By the way, welcome to the boards, Turak.

  • Wow, lots of new members lately.

    And I would reccomend the Tyrant's tomb as well. Though take bits, taking it all encourages you to spend a lot of money, and even 1,000+ oboloi can be spent. But I don't buy things, I steal them.

  • Thanks Bryce

    But in the mother city (i've forotten the name) i accidentally killed
    a beggar! but unusally it went straight to attack where usually it would talk
    the other beggars started attacking me so i got out of there so i didn't kill them.
    Should i have done that?
    Oh one more question, is Magpie to be trusted? becouse in his desk i found a remote
    to the computer and a scroll adressed to a king

    Thank's to everyone for making me welcome.

  • Thanks Selax

    but i can't find Korsha my map says it's at the bottom of Cyrethra. so do you know where it is?

    I've just found out that Hector can be killed by fighting too many ruffians at once
    I'l pay you back with some information - the amulet of the landking will crumble to dust if used too often

    My dad has just come in and told me how to quote the posts in one reply
    ( I'm only 10 and this is my very first time on any forum - so i'll try to do that next time)

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  • Since beggars have nothing to say to you, double-clicking them is taken as a attack @_@ It's happened to me before too. Killing innocent people decreases your karma and upsets anyone else that's around, but as long as you don't need the dead person it's not a real problem.

    About Magpie, that's not his desk. He's got the tiny room next to the library that gives you the feeling of total disorganization as well as complete order (how did they put that?).

    Concerning Kosha, your map is correct ^_^ From Cademia, head south and hug the shoreline. It's a little ways down there.

    Hector gains levels kind of like you do. He may not have leveled up yet, so he'll be stronger later ^_^

    ((Edit: And may I add that you type really well for a ten-year-old ^_^))

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  • Stay to the shore to find Kosha. Magpie's room is south of the library, the room with the CD player and the Berrosus (sp?) letter from Cademia (the mother city) is I believe either nobody's room or Alaric's 3rd or 4th room. He has lots of rooms. Lab, the place with the bezoars or whatever, the throne room, and that (4).

    Beggars are not the only ones, and I believe Cythera's programmed like that for Ruffians. They don't talk, so you attack. There are four beggars that do talk to you though (Neoptolomus (sp?, Cademia), the drunk dude in Catamarca who thinks wine is better than water, the guy who tells you about the Tyrant's tomb and passes out in Kosha, and Meleager who joins you for 500? ob.).

    And tell Hector (or anyone) to mark and attack one opponent (Target Attack, Attack Target...), not Attack nearest, weakest, strongest, or Defend. That just makes him confused and gets killed. If some other ruffian approaches, kill that ruffian on your own.

  • It's fifty oboloi (or thirty-five if you know haggling) to get Meleager, but small difference ^_^

    I actually ask Hector to attack weakest o.0 Well actually I like to make all the followers retreat when I want to level up, but usually I don't care.

  • @buzzzzy_bot, on Nov 26 2006, 12:49 PM, said in cure for the land king:

    the place with the bezoars or whatever, the throne room, and that (4).

    Bezoars are small lumpy objects found in a goat's or llama's stomach. The word you are looking for is brazier.

  • hi some more questions

    how do you get back to omens test?
    what does the Grimnor do?
    I was in Omodia when i was attacked by the captain of the guards. what would you recommend doing?

    Oh and Buzzzzy:
    I found a way to steal without stealing is to pick, move, then take.
    I've pasted over a lot of the slayers guide but i found that out before i read it

    Oh and Breadworld:
    We are not on broadband and I have to type offline, and it takes time to spellcheck and ask for grammar etc but thank you

    should i keep adding to this thread or should these questions start a new one ?

  • ((Spoiler)) The path back to Omen's test is in Cademia. It is behind a secret wall, which can only be opened with a lever (or fetch, I guess). The lever is hidden in that building with the rich ruffian. ((End spoiler))

    The spellbook records all your spells, so you can't perform any if you don't have it with you. At least I think so. . .

    Lol, what'd you do, kill a chicken? I would probably kill him, then save the body (either carry it or leave it in a desk somewhere) in case I needed to revive him later; but the best thing is probably to run (or use Directed Nexos) out of the city. He'll've forgotten the whole thing by the time you come back.

    Spellcheck is totally worth it ^^ I was twelve when I started using the internet, and I had the most horrible spelling ever. I started a document in Appleworks were I kept "useful to spell words" and I used spellcheck, and before I knew it I could spell ^^ The years of trying to learn spelling through textbooks was nothing compared to actual real-life practicing.

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  • Brazier, that was it. Keep forgetting.

    TextEdit's easier than AppleWorks to spellcheck, and as I use Fast Reply, I use TextEdit if I'm not sure on something.

    Get out of Odemia, get back in. Unless your karma is way down and you're a wanted criminal.

    You can use magic I believe without the spellbook thiny, but you can't learn any new ones from scrolls. I think those huge books in the Pnyx library still work though.

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  • How can you tell where your karma is at? i've heard you can find out by pressing some keys next to Nothing, but i don't know which keys.
    (I should have perfect karma, i am a model citizen! hee hee) :D

  • Talk to someone (or yourself). The darker your name, the lower your karma, and vice-versa. Really dark names make people not speak to you. Bright names come from helping people, and you start out a little bright, but about in the middle.

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  • hey, that's clever! hard to gauge, though.

  • @turak_bot, on Nov 27 2006, 02:10 AM, said in cure for the land king:

    what does the Grimnor do?

    should i keep adding to this thread or should these questions start a new one ?

    The Grimnor (is this correct spelling?) enables you to learn spells from scrolls. That is, you use it on a spell scroll to learn the spell.

    I think it'd probably make the most sense to keep posting your questions here.

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