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  • I started this topic because there seems to be no forum thread dedicated to helping idiots like me who can't solve the game on their own.

    My first problem is how to get into Ursylphs prison. I can get to the island, but it's empty. What do I do.

    Problem 2: There are slots for 7 characters to join you. Hector, Meleager, Timon, Aethon, Dryas and Ariadne make a total of six. Who is the seventh?

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    Get a shovel, find diggable dirt on the island (I believe it's dithered), dig, go down the hole.

    2: I believe it's extra, there is no seventh. Someone else may know better.

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    Also to get to Ursylph's island, you must use your crystal on the little stone thingie beside the island.

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    Also, gater boots or smith's friend potion would come in handy too.

    Also, try looking at 'Welcome to Cythera', 'Sometime Later' and 'cure for the land king', I believe there are other hints in there that might help you. There are more topics too, but I can only think of those three off the top of my head.

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    Number 1 seems to have been answered already, so I shall confirm what Jehezekel said about number 2. There are indeed extra character slots; I believe that there are only four people who will adventure with you throughout the game (Hector, Meleager, Aethon, and Timon).

  • Yes, everything has been answered. So I'll just pop in and say "Greetings!" :)

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    Anyways, the most likely theory about the slot is an extra slot made for Delver and not specifically for Cythera.

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  • (talking to thin air) You know Zita, I'm really starting to worry about Buzzzzy. He gets the weirdest ideas sometimes.

  • @crazychick_bot, on Dec 29 2006, 10:57 PM, said in Help and hints:

    Is Lutrine going to reply? I feel like I'm talking to a.... something that doesn't talk!

    Sorry about this reply taking so long. I've been away for a few days.
    Thanks for the answer to question one.
    Next question: What is delver?

  • For a lot of modern games, you'll hear people talk about what engine it uses, such as the Quake engine, the Aurora engine, the Infinity engine, etc. That's the part of the program that handles the mechanics of the game, like drawing windows, rendering landscapes and sprites, detecting collisions, and so on. The detail of the game itself is defined separately, in data files. That way, several games can use the same engine without much modification. For Cythera, the engine used is the Delver engine.

  • Which is dead and which no one can use.

  • As has been said, Delver is the game engine for Cythera. Like the game, it was created by gandreas (I think anyway) and has not much done with it in some time (as far as I know anyway).

  • You know when you start Cythera up, how you get that picture of the graveyard? Well, if you can read fast, you will see that one of the gravestones has 'Delver' written on it. Is that gandreas giving us a hint, or a coincidence? (spooky music)

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  • I would imagine that's gandreas's way of identifying the game engine.

  • Quote

    if you can read fast, you will see

    Or if you have a really slow computer...

  • To Selax: :p Spoilsport! I thought I was onto something there!
    But seriously, isn't it a bit weird he would put it on a gravestone? Why not on one of the trees, or just on top of everything?

  • Also, notice it says "Welcome to Delver (version). Enjoy your stay!" on the log when you start playing? And the gravestone is Cythera's logo, so why not put Delver on it?

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  • To CrazyChick: Thank you, I do what I can. ;)

    By the way, are you referring to the screen that you see when you start the Cythera game or the screen that you seen when you start a new character?

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