Cythera-like games for PC

  • I played Cythera happily on my Mac for some time, but now my Mac has croaked. Any suggestions on a similar game on PC? I don't see getting a new Mac anytime soon, sadly...

  • Not that I know of, and I doubt you'd find any other game with the same depth to it on either platform, I'm afraid. Of course, I'd be more than happy to be proved wrong.

  • I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but welcome to the boards! ^_^

  • Welcome (back?) to the boards,welshgirl14. Sadly, like BreadWorldMercy453, I'm unable to answer your question; I hardly use Windows, so the best answer that I can give you is none that I know of.

    However, I can give you a link to this topic about playing Cythera in the Classic Emulator SheepShaver just in case that is of any help.

  • Welcome to the boards! I've never owned a spoiler blank, I can't say this word



    , so I'm no help.

  • Lol, I have one, but she's bulky and sickly and she can't do anything without extra parts that I don't have -- One time my dad took her to California on a business trip (she's a laptop, if that's not obvious), and she came back sick -- Who gets sick on a three-day vacation? Something about virus protection, I don't know. . . I'm probably just spoiled from having Apples my whole life @_@

  • welshgirl, unfortunately, I have no answer for you, but if I were you, I would post a topic on Just Games asking for a decent Windows RPG with a good storyline. (If there is such a thing...)

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on Jan 1 2007, 10:34 PM, said in Cythera-like games for PC:

    I'm probably just spoiled from having Apples my whole life @_@

    Indeed, I've been spoiled the same way, although I'm not going to complain.

  • I support PCs, but I live on a Mac. :D

  • I hate PCs and Windoze.

    And try Basilisk, that's what some people with PCs used.

  • Macs are the best! I won my laptop almost exactly a year ago! About two weeks, I think, until it was a year ago.

  • I wish more of the CRPGs would be RPGs like Cythera, and not just fight sims.

  • Woah, woah, woah! Slow down! I need to translate here!
    Character Role-Playing Game?
    Role-Playing Game....
    What's a fight sim?

  • A game where you fight things instead of follow a deep story like Cythera's.

  • Uhuh. Gotcha. I don't know any fight sims.
    A good one if you like Cythera is Avernum 4, which I believe runs on Windows as well. The demo bugs me, because you can't get past a set point, just when things start getting interesting. Luckily, you can buy the full game for US$19, and believe me, it is worth it.

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  • CRPG = Computer Role Playing Game
    (at least I think so and that's how I use it)

    Exile, (produced, along with Avernum and other CRPGs by: Spiderweb Software) Is also good. Fighting/Leveling Up is more important than I like, but the story is strong/complex/deep enough to handle it.

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  • No, it's Classic Role Playing Game, I think. Ones with top views instead of FPP (first-person perspective) and not absurd violence and sickening graphics. Clean, deep-storied, crude imaged, top viewed, old RPGs.

  • Jehezekel has it right. CRPG might mean something different to some people, but the accepted meaning is Computer Role Playing Game.

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