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    I am thinking of turning the Alarican Tavern/ stories into a magazine for all to see (In my neck of the woods we have a prominent zine library).
    I believe it is in public domain so this shouldn't be an issue...however, I would like expressed permission from the authors (cuz' I dont want to get sued) before I do anything with it. I wanted to produce a few copies in an effort to sustain interest in the game. While reading the taverns online, they are pretty extensive and my twittering screen is no good for long readings. I would like therefore to produce a hard copy. I dont know all who participated, but I can take a guess based on the current boards, eamil me or please post somthing as to ginving consent to have them produced offline. I will get a list of names I need approval from later in the week. Thanks,

  • Here is the first instalment. you can psot here, or drop me an email, if a erson dosen't respond I can only assume they dont want their participation published (pr dont read the new posts).
    Part VIII:
    The Wizard,
    Moon Shadow,
    (props to Selax, the volume and content of your posts must have given you arthritis)
    Part VII:
    Fanatic 72802,
    Nathaniel Stephant,
    half Truth,
    the Wizard,
    Desert Fox,

    Sorry if you appear on more than one nlist, I put names in order which they appear. I wil lpull names of people who give permission

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  • It's fine by me, as long as appropriate credit is given. By the way, if you wanted to go further back than Tavern VII, I think all the prior ones are linked from the 'Best of Cythera' sticky thread.

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  • I am getting there, cache. I just takes a while to record all the names. I am increasingly impressed by the volume of input and the time dediacted to these forums, I have an immesne respect. While much of the stuff is implausable, and some are random posts, the vast majority is deeply thought-out and I am inspired by the vast participation. tear. The humor is good too.

  • here is VI, V, and IV (drat you romans). Typed out by hand, some of these people haven't been around, but based on recent postings, many have returned so I think I shall capitalize on such an oppertunity.
    Emu Hunter,
    bad spelleer,
    Happy Dagger,
    Nathanil Stephant,

    Lord Gwydion,
    the Kesteral,

    Part IV:
    obvious one,
    Idiot Savant,

    there, I will do the rest later. If

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  • Just so you know, posts by Ronin, Sideline, sideline character, Sasha, Kwon Chen, theScribe, Flynn, Overmind, Trinias, Wolmark, Leandra, Ulf, Lochinvar and Brianna are all mine. Um, did I miss anyone? :rolleyes:

  • So your basically taking a tavern post/page and reformating it so that it can be submitted to a magazine?

    Just wondering how exactly are you going to give credit?

  • Since I have no way of verifying the legitmacy of your statment, I will need to take it as fact (unless one or more posts expressly that you are not they) you have just made my life soo...oo much esier.
    +1 Cache 22, as for DJ,
    no not to a Magazine, as a magazine. the contents will actually be a magazine, not color, or anything fancy, but in a layout as a magazine. the citation will need to go to screen names, because I have no way of verifying any actual people. The dates of actual posts cited to the poeple, and to Ambrosia Software, forums. Beyond that I dont have a rule book of citation in front of me (I will tonight however, and get the exact requirements).

  • I'm not sure I quite understand. You're printing the content of all the taverns into a magazine and putting it in a public library? While some of the tavern posts are amusing or have an entertaining thread, I'm not sure simply copying and pasting the tavern content will form an overly coherent piece (seriously, go back and read Tavern II, it hops all over the place) or generate interest in the game (if anything, it might work like advertising a community board - but one that existed five years ago). That aside, I think you're welcome to try, though one week is hardly a lot of time to gather signatures - this board has always chugged along at its own slow pace.

    I do know what you mean by it being hard to read online sometimes. I'll warn you I tried printing out one of the taverns once, and it topped 100 pages easily. The online view is deceptive.

    @cache22_bot, on Dec 5 2006, 01:00 PM, said in Alraeican-tavern-permission:

    Just so you know, posts by Ronin, Sideline, sideline character, Sasha, Kwon Chen, theScribe, Flynn, Overmind, Trinias, Wolmark, Leandra, Ulf, Lochinvar and Brianna are all mine. Um, did I miss anyone? :rolleyes:

    I can help confirm he owns these characters, if that adds any weight. If you're still unsure, you can look up the above names in the "Character Info" thread (I believe cache posted as some of them). I don't know if he still has the passwords to his older accounts, I remember something about the email service he used to make all sixteen plus accounts changed, which helped lead to the discontinuation of most of them.

    Some of the other names listed are probably joke names, like "obvious one" and "Trwyndaylan" (which looks like an intentional misspelling of one of my old accounts, Trundaylan), especially when you get into the more oddball Taverns - 2 and 3. If you see postings by Tyrael, Trundaylan, or Lemenath (I think that's all), those are mine.

    I don't know if you know this, but the new forums allow you to click on the "number of posts" link on the topic selection screen to get a list of all people that posted in that topic. So, if you browse to the appropriate time for the first three taverns (#1 was way back in Fall 2000), you'll have an easier time than scouring each page looking for names. I'd recommend combining all the lists alphabetically at the end, since you will have lots of overlap. (I know I posted in the first seven)

  • This really doesnt make any sense, what are you trying to do with this...? Maybe make like one pages as an example and post a link to it so we can see what we are signing up for...

    I haven't quite given 'my signature' yet, its halfway on with ink dripping on the paper..

    And some of the random things added to the humor of the situations.

  • All right already,
    so hears the deal!
    What I had in mind was a linking like, or common tavern plots from with each tavern, linking them and have each tavern as a chapter, the whole thing is its own magazine. Any threads that dont fit with the plot will be posted at the end of the chapter, with a listing of their original order. The whole thing is a private publication involving a printer, ink, paper, and staples, not anything official. If the chapters are too long they can be each their own zine. I dont have any made yet, I can try to do a small likage to show the idea. When I am done I will also give an example of citations. I will not make prominent, threads which are unrealted, or dismissive, they will be included at the end.
    thanks for the confirmation Avatara,
    I will account for that when I get to the first group.
    When I get the example made up I will post it. Sorry to be so confusing, I have a mental image of the final product, but it is kinda' hard to portray, whew.

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  • i didn't even realize i'd been posting in the Tavern for so long... but if i don't remember my posts, i don't think i have a right to complain about what's done with them. XD so go ahead, do what you like with my writing...

    also, just a side note... i initially skipped over reading this topic because i figured something titled 'Alaric' would be related to the actual game... and despite how long i've been around, i haven't actually played Cythera. (it's my dirty little secret...)

  • Well i would have to say this is an interesting idea, although the fact of matter is that many posts in the taverns relates to TS's and as such will not make sense.
    Although Kudos to you for doing this and i am interested in seeing how this hole thing turns out.

    Now onto my permissions, I am representing a few people who i know and myself of course.

    VI....... No...... due to myself being rather young, and my writing skills being abismal, i would prefer not to have my writing in this, i also speak for Ramir-gull here and he also does not wish for you to include his posts,
    this is of course meaning that you are free to add that tavern into the intire project just dont include mine or Ramirs posts in it.

    VII. Here i speak for myself Selor and Rhemi.
    I wish for all of my posts from page 5 and onwards including page 5 itself, to be included, that means that pages 1 2 3 4 are not to have any of my posts in them.
    Rhemi wishes none of his posts included at all.
    Selor does not mind having his one post included.

    All of my work after these taverns that include Savara and Satori are free to be included, just avoid including Pippin in anything at all.

    Cheers Pippin

    and good luck with all the hard work if you get around to doing it all.

  • I guess I didn't know what I was bitein' off here, but OK Pippin I will make it so and thaks for the authors identification. As for DJ, here in front of me I have "Rules for Writers", fifth edition.
    Citations for mulitple authors, from an online soure, and unidentifiable authors. This slituation is somewhat unique in that I dont know names, but there are authors, so I will use screen names as the name citation, in from of the rest,

    I am basically takin the text and streaming together the similar ideas, if one is deleated, or moved it will all be quotations. example of one tavern/chapter:
    "x- -------.
    Y- ------,------.
    Z- ----,--,-----.
    X ----" (X et al (et al, means and others), paragraphs used, and date created).
    AT the end of the Tavern (organized, and I will need to know if people want to have things spell checked or (sic)ed. (which is spelling in-correct)).
    then others which didn't run smoothly in context, works cited, and that is the document. I have a hard copy of all authors, and will list in the credited works all those screen names. Even if you choose not to be printed you contributed, and will be cited, but your work will not be shown.
    the non used paragraphs but approved will go at the end, if not approved they will simply not appear.

    X et al (listing the others), Tavern, page in tavern, paragraphs, website, date created, date used,

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  • @pippin-3_bot, on Dec 7 2006, 12:31 AM, said in Alraeican-tavern-permission:

    ... and my writing skills being abismal,...

    I must say, Pippin, your skills have improved immensely since then. Good job! :)

  • sorry this is taking so long, I got class competition for time, therefor I will have it down for soon-ish. For the record, I understand the confusion, but it is hard to explain my ideas. I recomend people drop myself an email, with specific questions. Plus these web boards rock. If any ideas come forward I want to hear them, I am tired :blink:, and will subsequently sleep.

  • If it's good enough for cache22 and Avatara, it's good enough for me!
    So go ahead and include my posts, or however that works.

  • Wow has this been an educational crash course in Ambrosia/Cythra, am still working on producing exapmles, but thaks Jehezekel but I dot think Avatara actually gave permission, just confirmed Cache22's creation of accounts. the post might not come till monday. sorry. till then, enjoy the wonderful weather we are having.(joke)

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  • I suppose that I'll go ahead and give my consent to your using my posts in your project. I'll be curious to see the finished project.


    ...till then, enjoy the wonderful weather we are having.(joke)

    Aside from the temperature, it's not really all that bad where I live, although last Thursday I did get about 10 to 12 inches of snow.

  • I have breaks today and will finaish an example :) , weather wise I have cold, and no never snows here. :(. Temp, hovers at a foggy 40 for a couple months, then up to 60 and if its a hot summer 80, athen back down...wet, drab, cold, no snow. it dodes get into the 20 mid winter though amond cold snaps. thus weather is not pleasent outdoors, but waddya' gonna' do?

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