New Chronicles 1/13

  • Just like Slayer used to do it!

    Hey, I wrote a Chronicle. Back in the old days, when Chronicles were not released immediately, Slayer would post an announcement about the chronicle with a link and brief summary. Here's my admiring tribute to Slayer.

    This week's Chronicle is Cities of Fire II by Mr. Somebody. It is an immediate follow up to Cities of Fire I, despite the two and a half year gap between the stories publications, continuing the story of the invasion of Cythera by a distant empire.

    The entire story can be read here.

  • The Chronicle that was posted minutes before Mr. Somebody's (which is a great chronicle), has its introduction made in the Tavern.


  • Oh, good, I've been looking forward to this chron. :)

    (Look at it this way, Mr. Somebody. Now, you will be able to tell everyone how he has been working years on this project, so we'd better all like it. ;) )

    Dark Jet has posted a chron today as well—Order of the Hunt, prologue of Talryn's quest.

    Dark Jet:


    Order of the Hunt is about Talryn after he lost his memory due to his heroic efforts of avenging Toreon's Death, but it is mainly about Talryn getting back on his feet and learning a small bit about his origins.

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  • CrazyChick is writing a chron too.

    I can tell you the title already (actually, the title gave me the idea). It is called "Gateway to the Unknown", and it's about a mysterious string of murders, cryptic hints, a wild goose chase, a passionate romance, an exasperated mage and a drunken fighter.

    OK, so I lied about the romance, but hey! Everything else is in there! (Or will be when I finish it...)

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