The Alraeican Tavern - Part VIII

  • The burly guard saw both of his companions fall before an angry crowd and quickly ducked outside. He turned to the line of guards that were waiting outside in case there was trouble. "All right men, we've got a couple of rowdy hooligans in there. Get your butts in there and show them who's in charge!"

    The patrons of the tavern weren't expecting the surge of city guards that came pouring in. Several of the more cautious members stayed out of the fray, reluctant to attack authoritative figures so openly. The more rambunctious members were quickly subdued by the sheer number of opponents they were up against, though not before taking several guards out of the fight. Once the more vociferous characters were pummeled into unconsciousness and an uneasy silence broke out, the guard spoke up again.

    "Effective immediately, I am ordering the permanent closure of this establishment. Any who resist will be arrested and brought in for trial on charges of assaulting a city official and not complying with the Judge's orders."

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