Channel History Request

  • A request of the Ancient Ones

    A couple of the oldies will remember a while ago we drew up a #cythera family lineage (way back, think around 2003). Does anybody have a copy of that saved somewhere? I noticed ferazel had a #cythera website at one point, but it hasn't been up in years.

  • I remember seeing that... it was long and complicated... but I don't have a copy. Katerei first sent me the link. My guess is that she has it, if anybody does.

  • Nope, I don't. Hard drive space is a precious commodity for me- I was often running at 100MB on my last computer, and even now I've been down to 450MB when i'm working with particularly large film projects. I clean everything out fairly regularly, and anything that doesn't rank as 'critically important' often gets trashed.

    I scoured Google, and found nothing. I have no idea who would have a copy other than ferazel, and he's hard enough to find these days anyway.

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